Sparzanza - In Voodoo Veritas

1. The Blind Will Lead the Blind
2. Gone
3. Black Gemini
4. My World of Sin
5. Robota
6. Methadream
7. On the Other Side
8. Red Dead Revolver
9. Bloodline
10. The End of Days
11. Self Medication
12. The Poison

Fredrik Weileby (V)
Johan Carlsson (B)
Calle Johannesson (G)
Anders Åberg (D)

Angels of vengeance (2001)
Into the sewers (2003)
Banisher of the light (2007)

David Johannesson (G)
Rikard Löfgren (Backing vox & Prog.)
Maria Marcus (Backing vocals)

Rikard Löfgren & Sparzanza (production)
Rikard Löfgren (mix & master)

Released 02/25/09
Reviewed 03/31/09

My World of Sin (video)

This record is apparently the fourth album by this band with a strange name which I have never heard about before the record came in an envelope from the company handling the promotion for this band in Sweden. I don’t know anything about them more than the fact that they are from my home nation Sweden, from a town in the uncivilised parts of the nation.

Musically these guys play heavy sided rock music that can be somewhat related an American band called Monster Magnet but they really cannot be that compared as I really don’t think they are so much like those Americans. Now then, fast, heavy, powerful and with full force, this band strikes through the headphones or the speaker or whatever it is you listen to music through.

Qualitywise I can state that this band has a very high quality to begin with, their production match very well the power of the music, it enhances the strengths of the band and so far all is well. The record holds a rather high quality when I listen to it the first few times but then certain issues starts popping up in my head. There are long parts of the record that are just plain dull, boring might even be a better word, the record just falls in quality when the novelty has dissipated into dust.

Now, that may not be completely fair as there are lots of good stuff when it comes to this record. The opening track The Blind Will Lead the Blind is a very good way to open the record and it is also a very good song, the same cannot be said about the following track that is all dull. The next track, Black Gemini is the best song of the record, lots of speed and power and also with a lot of interesting parts, I very much like that track. When it comes to the next one, that one is also a good one but from there it is more or less downhill. The songs merge into a shapeless mass of uninteresting sounds and stuff. Then, in the song before the last there is some movement upwards in quality again. The last track is also rather pointless and in the end of things I find myself wondering what I really think about this record, wanting to rate it high but at the same time the poor songs are just too many and really weigh down on the quality of the record.

In the end I find that the poor and the good more or less outweighs one another and in the end this creates a neutral result for the record as a whole. Kind of a strange thing but so it is, stranger thing has happened and in the end two sides always tries to neutralise one another so it also happens for this album and this leaves me a little ambivalent but in the end I decided to place the rating straight in the middle of the scale, nothing strange about that considering all the facts.

In the end I can only say that after the novelty dissipates this record looses a bit of its appeal but retains just the right amount to be a decent record.


Label - Kabukire Records/Triada
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm