Silverlane - My Inner Demon

1. Wings Of Eternity
2. Miracle
3. The Flight Of Icarus
4. The Taste Of Sin
5. My Inner Demon
6. Tears Of Pain
7. In The Desert
8. Kingdom Of Sand
9. Full Moon
10. Serenade Of Wind
11. The Dark Storm
12. Slowly

Ecki Singer [Vocals]
Uli Holzermer [Guitar, B. Vocals]
Chris Alexander [Guitar, B. Vocals]
Daniel Saffer [Bass, Backing Vocals]
Dodo Schmitt [Keys, Backing Vocals]
Simon Michael [Drums, Percussions]

Legends of Safar (2005)

produced by Simon Michael & Chris Alexander

Released 02/20/09
Reviewed 03/01/09


Back in 1995, two brothers, a sister and a friend started this band called Silverlane. The brothers are the drummer also known from Subway to Sally named Simon, the guitarist Chris. The sister is called Dodo and plays the keys and the friend is known as Daniel and plays the bass. They are described to be innovative members of the melodic side of the metal genre, they are said to be somewhat unique and progressive, about that thing you will probably learn a little more as I write further down the string of letters that is making up this review of a record.

This is also the first record on a label for Silverlane, their debut was self-financed and was released in 2005, it sold over 1000 copies even though it wasn’t promoted one bit. Now that has changed and possible this new record can be sold in more copies as they have at least promoted it as much as they have sent us promo copies of it.

Musically Silverlane is stated to find their inspiration in several different sources but most will argue that their main inspirations are found in the melodic fast metal genre that is most commonly known as power metal and possibly bands like Edguy, Gamma Ray and Helloween to namedrop a few. In description the music is fast and melodic with clean and polished production, not really that much different in that respect from the rest of the genre. The more initiated would argue that this band sound German and that wouldn’t be that strange as they hail from that nation. Once you find yourself deeper into the music you also note the symphonic undertones that goes through the entire album.

Silverlane is a rather good band, there is really nothing to complain about when it comes to this band. The music is good, nothing to doubt there, production is clean and spotless and the melodies are really there. The music is not that heavy and that has two causes, one is the clean production and the other is that the music is rushing by in such speed that they really cannot make so many heavy passages. I still have many reservations when it comes to this band, and that is not because of the quality of the music but due to the genre the band represent. They are not unique enough to stand out from the crowd, they have a sound that reminds me of many others in the genre.

The power metal genre is like a jungle and unfortunately Silverlane doesn’t have enough to find their way out of this very jungle and seems rather pleased to be a part of it more than being the ones making the way out of it and that is one of my main gripes when it comes to this record.

I do not doubt that Silverlane has the ability to stand out of the crowd in the future and that this album might be just a parenthesis in an otherwise very fine career. You cannot take this too seriously though as I am not a licensed fortune teller and I might be completely wrong, the band might be satisfied with remaining one in the crowd and find safety in being indistinguishable from the rest of the stream of power metal.

Silverlane is going on the silvered lane and they start rather good before the great ones of the genre pass and Silverlane has to stop due to some problem. They remain in the middle with the long way to the finishing line, still it is an experience for the upcoming races on the silver lane. Hopefully my fortune telling comes through but one can never know.

In the end Silverlane gets an approved result for this record but there are so many other albums out there that are so much better, that is what Silverlane has to overcome and they might do it in the future as I see some potential there, but I might be wrong.

This record is good but it really hasn’t anything to make it stand out from the crowd.


Label - Drakkar records
Three similar bands - Helloween/Edguy/Avantasia
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm