Shortino - Chasing My Dream

1. Remember You
2. To The Cross
3. Prelude Missing, 4. Missing
5. Nocturnal
6. Side FX
7. Alone They Ride
8. Chasing Your Dream
9. Great Dreamer
10. Take My Heart And Run
11. Promises
12. Plan Of Attack (Bonus Track)

Paul Shortino - Vocals
Michael Voss - Guitars
Roland Bergmann - Bass
Michael Mueller - Bass

It's About Time (1997)
Booked, Toured, ...Released! (1999)

Johnny Douglas - Lead Guitars
Ralf Heyne - Guitars

Michael Voss - producer

Released 06/26/2009
Reviewed 07/06/2009

metal heaven

Paul Shortino, name ring a bell? Why not? It really ought to ring a bell for anyone who listens to him or his kind of music. Quiet Riot I think is a quite famous band in the genre and that is a band where Paul Shortino has been singing. He also sung for Rough Cutt in the beginning of his career as a rock musician.
Paul has been doing this for a long time, ever since that well known 80s. I believe we now have established the fact that this guy has a certain amount of experience from making rock music. At least that is what a discography packed of rock music and some of it from well known rock bands.

Musically we have something to do with melodic rock music that is very much guitar oriented and also oriented around the voice, the whiskey influenced voice of Mr Shortino. All this spiced up by a clean production that while keeping to the rock sound.

So when looking at the quality we cannot really fault the production anyway. Still, when I got this record my expectation was not that high as I have the memory of the 2004 release Afterlife by Shortino/Northrup which actually was really awful and almost had me throw up my intestines along with a fox that I had eaten a few days earlier and swallowed with the help of a few litres of water.

So my main hopes were really to be able to keep all the things I had eaten down. That concern soon proved to be completely misguided as the record really hold a high quality and in difference to the album prior mentioned, Shortino actually sings rather well on this album and the throw up worry was nothing more than a misguided one.

The album starts really well with the track I Remember You which is a great draw into the rest of the record. This first track is possibly the best track on the record but I really like some other tracks like for instance, the track called Side Fx which is more of a rockin’ smokin’ hit songs that probably would be the radio hit of this album if it was promoted better than it is.

I think this is really much of a strong album with all the right ingredients, mature and strong production and well written songs all the way through the album, really nothing to complain about, the hits are there and the quality is generally good as well as the length of the album so I can’t really do anything but recommend this album as it is really a good one.

Also check the video below, it is with Paul on vocals but not from this album as I could not find anything from it. Might give you something of an idea.


" I Believe" Paul Shortino's The Cutt w/ Jimmy Crespo

Label - Metal Heaven
Three similar bands - Rough Cutt/Quiet Riot/Badd Boyz
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm