Ruh - Find the Essence and Multiply

01. The Wizard
02. I Call You Fate Some Call You God
03. I'Ll Be Dead Til The End Of May
04. Pw Stargazer At Her Mercy
05. Bloodhound
06. Bernardo
07. Ice
08. Tambourine Man
09. Revelations
10. Silverskies
11. All Through Time

Fredrik Sundberg - Vox
Jens Handell - Guitar
Axel Bellinder - Keyboard
Daniel Sellberg - Bass
Magnus Frid - Drums

01 (2007)

Released ?/?-2009
Reviewed 12/10-2009


Well, Ruh is a short name but it also seems a bit insignificant really like it has no meaning. Actually it is the name of the kangaroo in Winnie the Pooh, at least in the Swedish version of the same. Ruh however, also means soul in Arabic which actually means it is a rather good name, at least if the band is a band with a lot soul and lets say for the sake of argument that Ruh are. So with a clever name and also one album in the backpack what can go wrong?

Well the answer to the question in the previous paragraph is: a lot can go wrong. However, this band also has a tour with well-known band The Ark who are very big here in Sweden then of course the also opened for The Who at the Globe which is quite the thing considering the status of The Who as one of the best known bands in the world, quite the cool thing I would think. As playing in front of 15000 before The Who wouldn’t be enough, they are this fall doing a release thing here in Sweden where they are playing in front of just one person at the time at their home, quite cool if you ask me, more bands would benefit from such things.

Well with all that in mind, nothing can really go wrong or can it? Well, it always can but now lets look into the musical side of this band, what genre and such. They can be said to span over quite the range from pop music to rock and with everything in between, almost. One thing can be said though and that is that the band is standing on a very melodic foundation and from there they make small musical adventure around the musical map in the area, better than that I cannot really describe what it is that we hear from these guys.

So, do I like it? Well actually, yes I do like it, it is a very good record. It has many interesting songs and powerful melodies and all that topped with choruses that catch on really easy which is a plus in this kind of music. One could argue that this record is a bit incoherent as the songs are very diverse but they are still coherent enough to be considered parts of the same record which is a very strong achievement actually as many records with the same song diversity often ends up feeling like a collection of songs rather than a record. This is not the case here, this feels like a solid record.

This record starts with a song called The Wizard which is a powerful opener which is a good intro to the record and also has a very interesting song intro. It is also a song that catches me as a listener and the rest of the record can actually hold up to this promising start. The best track is probably the single track that is called I’ll be Dead ‘til the end of May which we also have the video for in this review window.

So in the end I enjoy this very good record that has no fill out tracks and also something that can be called hits in named single and opening tracks. I can really recommend this record for anyone who cares for good music.

Ruh "i'll be dead til the end of may"


Label - Ruh Records/Triada
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm