Pretty Wild - All the Way

1. All The Way
2. Time
3. Let The Good Times Roll
4. Shockin Teen
5. Dangerous
6. Take It Off
7. Let The Good Times Roll (-86 Mix)
8. Dangerous (Live In LA)

Ivan (Ivve) Höglund - Vocals
Krizzy Field - Guitar
Kim Chevélle - Bass
Johnny Benson - Drums


Released 02/20/09
Reviewed 03/09/09


Formed in the Swedish town of Malmö back in 2006 these guys started to play music and had a dream that a new era of arenarock was to happen. It turned out that a 4-piece monster machine that rocks the stages around the world. As luck would have it when you turn on the record by Pretty Wild the party starts and everyone wants to grab a beer, something like that anyway. According to the label the party has started and you are invited.

During their two years together the band has done numerous shows with tours in both Europe and the US including the legendary LA stages like the Roxy Theatre and Whiskey a Go Go. And according to the info I have they are also spoken of as the rockstars of the future. But really, are they rockstars of the future? Well, I will pass my judgement further down the lines of this review so stay tuned for more tales of interest.

To begin a little more on the objective side of things, how does this record sound musically? Well Diane, it is nothing revolutionary or earth shattering about it, we have surely heard it all before. They are rooted in the arenarock of the eighties, bands like for instance Mötley Crüe and Posion are good for comparison, this record could really have been done by any of those before mentioned bands. If you don’t know any of these bands I can say that overly catchy rock with gnarly high pitch vocals is what it is all about. To summarise it one can say that it is 80s rock music with a cleaner production and a little more up to date song. Though the lyrics are the same nonsense as the lyrics of the 80s.

Well, the problem for me when it comes to this album is the fact that it has been done so many times before and only an updated production can’t really make up for that. Sure the recognition factor can create a little sells but I guess the die-hard fans of these old 80s bands won’t buy this as they think the old stuff is so much better. Nonsense lyrics and unimaginative music is what it is about, I am sure there are people who like this music, there are people who like unimaginative but I don’t.

I can’t complain too much about music or production but the problem is that it has been done, and it has been done over and over for a decade and still not much of that has been interesting then and new additions to such music is not interesting now. Still I think this may sell okay just because we already know it, it is only about marketing, maybe they will succeed, maybe not.

Anyway, recycling is quite popular at the moment and I guess looking at that this band may actually be rather modern and so forth, the only strange thing about that is that the band is distributed by a label called Swedmetal and not something related to recycling.

Anyway, for you who doesn’t concern yourself with the fact that you have heard something over and over and still likes it, this is alright, for the rest of us it is a no go.


Label - Swedmetal records
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Whitesnake/Poison
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm