Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A.

1. No Resurrection
2. The Silencer
3. Ode For The Old
4. Cut Below The Waist
5. The Pig
6. Economaniac
7. Panzerkampfwagen Maus
8. Dirt Bomb
9. The Leak
10. Agent Orange
11. Necessary Evil
12. Guearra
13. You Did Try
14. Let The Gods Do The Fighting
15. Corpocrazy
16. In Confidence
17. Shit Of The System
18. End Of It All

Ursula - vocals
Herald Flinck - drums
John Keu - guitars and vocals
Jorma 22 - bass


Released: 6/11-2009
Reviewed: 27/12-2009

nuclear blast

As dumb bandnames goes, here we have another band with a stupid name to add to the list of bands with stupid names. And as stupid concepts go this band is once again right up there. Well, the bandname cannot really be said to have anything to do with the style of the band and it can probably be more attributed to the fact that the band has poor imagination.

As is standard for bands that are signed with Anstalt Records this band has some ”fancy” backstory of being unknown people never seen with shady pasts much like the other bands I have had the misfortune to review for this publication. The members of the band are not stated with their full names and they are posing on a picture on their website in skimasks, very cool and macho indeed. One thing I did notice was that they had a female singer listening to the name of Ursula, which was something I would not have known had it not been for the information I found. She does not sound like a female at all.

Information seeking was about as easy as with the other Anstalt bands, guess this label does not really want to promote their records, at least not revealing anything about the bands. I think that is quite uncool but I am just a writer so why should they care about what I think? I guess their intended audience (8 to 10 year old boys) find their music and their image really cool, that is until they turn eleven and realise how ridiculous they really are but for that you need to grow up a bit. So if you find corny and silly appearance and some foney image of terrorism and being hunted by police or whatever, then by all means think it is cool, but then you admit that you are eight years old.

Musically it is grindcore or as the label will call it Terrorthrash I guess we can call it whatever. It is fast paced, heavy with screaming/growling vocals, heavy and fast drumming along with superdistorted guitarwork, this is the music that we are hearing whenever we play this very record.

It is not a particularly good record, the vocals are annoying, the songwriting is rather poor and the production is not much to write home about either. Fact is that there is not much to like in this record, it is eighteen short and intensive tracks without either soul or quality. It is not that it is awful in the vain of Endstille’s Dominanz or the labelmates in Bakteria but it has really nothing to offer.

It is music without anything new to give, it has all been done before and then it was done better. At best this band will drown in the mainstream of bands in the sub-genre. It is a mystery to me why labels even bothers to release this kind of music as they must know that is has not one bit of potential to be anything but just another dull diluting record in a stream that was filled a long time ago. Or are some labels so lost to the real world that they actually think they will even sell as much of this so that they can pay for the cost of producing it. Well, had I been a label boss I wouldn’t touch this.

The only thing this record really does is add another bad element making it even harder to wade through all the rubbish to find the good parts. It is another nail in the coffin of the good metal music that is slowly dying at the hands of all these rubbish that comes now.


Label - Anstalt Records/Nuclear Blast
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm