Nachtgeshrei - Am Rande Der Welt

1. Fiur
2. Muspili
3. Herz aus Stein
4. Fernweh
5. Niob
6. Lauf!
7. Windfahrt
8. Nur ein kleines Stück vom Himmel
9. Wahrheit
10. Der Totmacher
11. Glut in euren Augen

Hotti - Gesang, Gitarre
Joe - Drehleier, Akkordeon
Nik - Dudelsack, Flöte
Tilman - Gitarre
Sane - Gitarre
Oli - Bass
Stefan - Schlagzeug


Hoffnungsschimmer (2008)

Released 03/20/09
Reviewed 04/28/09


From Germany comes these night screamers who screams all the way through the dark of night. These screamers do as the name suggests, sing in their native tongue which is called German and it is of course the language spoken in Germany. The fact that a band uses their original tongue always makes them more interesting to begin with as the English is the most spoken language and also the most used in music therefore other languages can be very refreshing. However, there is usually a problem with these bands as they usually stand in the deeper darker dungeons of the music, though there are exceptions where the song is not deep, dark and guttural sounds.

The name would suggest that this band is screaming in a sound that would only belong in the deepest darkest of night. But, there is nothing of that in the music of Nachtgeshrei, instead I find myself listening to an album of medieval metal, at least if I am to believe what Massacre says. I suppose they are right about it as this is a record with one foot in the classical/folk musical side of thing and the other foot in the more modern rock/metal side of things. Therefore this record stands in a more diverse musical landscape than I had suspected when I received this record.

Honestly I was really positively surprised over the fact that this record was not another dark, screaming unimaginative record of dark an evil death metal in the German language. I like what this record bring out to the market, the tracks are good, from the opening intro track to the ending track. The German vocals blend well into this kind of music and adds this nice extra dimension to everything, it adds depth that probably wouldn’t be there if the album was sung only in German. I can’t find any poor track on this record which of course is very good, as is the German lyrics and the skill of the singer.

I was long debating the rating of this record, I have listened to it for more than 25 times and I can say that I don’t loose any interest or anything about this record. This record is a timeless piece that doesn’t fade with new fads or popular music that goes through the musical genres. The music of Nachgeschrei is rich in variation, it is a strong and powerful and very nice melodic record that stands strong with high quality music.

This record will run through my record player for times even after I have uploaded this review to the website. I was contemplating a very high rating for this record but it is not that good even though it is great but I had to lower the rating somewhat but I think all the time I have listened to this record have provided me with enough knowledge to rate it fairly.

In the end this German group of seven guys have proven themselves with this second album of their career. Now all I would like to see is what a bit more experience can do to this guys music. If they can evolve and still keep the creativity they have shown so far the next offering will be great.

Am Rande der Welt is a wonderful album of great songs that lasts for a long time, something to recommend for any fan of great music. Do yourself a favour and check this album out.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - In Extremo/Letzte Instanz/Coronatus
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm