Milking The Goatmachine - Back From The Goats

1. March Into Shed
2. A Tale of Slaughtering
3. Surf Goataragua (Sacred Reich Cover)
4. Sour Milk Boogie
5. Goats Got No Clits
6. Rise of the Wise Goat
7. Bingo Bongo - I Don't Want to Leave the Congo
8. Eaten Blessed Scum
9. Goat Thrower
10. Feed the Goat
11. Wasting Away (Nailbomb Cover)
12. The Last Unigoat
13. Born, Lost and Captured
14. Back from the Goats

Goatleeb Udder - Vocal, Drums
Goatfreed Udder - Guitar, Bass
Tony Goatana - Live Guitar
J.A. Hornlicker - Live Bass


Released: 30/10-2009
Reviewed: 3/11-2009

nuclear blast

This is supposed to be a real story:
Commented Goatfreed Udder: “Hailing from Planet GoatEborg, we experience a lot of stuff you earthanoids would call strange or weird. Nothing as weird and sick as your own planet though… Nevertheless, the concept behind the ’MACHINEs debut album is an event that took place not so long ago on GoatEborg: A guy has been dismissed by his girl. One night he passed by this huge field, all drunk of course, because of his grief and sadness. Shit happens. Not far away he saw a goats barn where he walked in and crushed on a pregnant nanny goat. They immediately fell in love and made exactly that all night long. In the morning of the very next day, the guy recognized he had coadunated with the nanny goat while she was giving birth to her child goatie. Shit happens. Although the farmer thought this guy was one ugly bastard, he took him to his farm to milk him. Shortly after that the farmer cast him out again because of his sour milk and the fact that the flock would not accept him. Shit happens. That lead the guy to the point where he ran amok, impaling the farmer and the rest of the flock with his horns. After that he made his way back to town to kill his ex girlfriend and the rest of the population by squirting them to death with his sour milk… Shit happens.“
Does it sound plausible? Not really, eh?

Musically though, this band is grindy or something like that, lyrically I have no idea what it is all about as it is not possible to understand what the singer says, much like having to do with the Swedish tax authorities: lots of words but they are as ununderstandable as some alien language.

And no it isn’t any good, in fact it sucks and I really think it should be criminal to make music as bad as this. But at least it is somewhat better than the Anstalt release I reviewed just before this one.


Label - Anstalt Records/Nuclear Blast
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm