Mystic Prophecy - Fireangel

1. Across The Gates Of Hell
2. Demons Crown
3. We Kill!! You Die!!
4. Father Save Me
5. To The Devil I Pray
6. Fireangel
7. Fight Back The Light
8. Death Under Control
9. Revolution Evil
10. Gods Of War
11. Forever Betrayed

R.D. Liapakis – Vocals
Markus Pohl – guitars
Constantine – guitars
Connie Andreszka – bass
Steve Dittrich – drums

2002: Vengeance
2003: Regressus
2004: Neverending
2006: Savage Souls
2007: Satanic Curses

Produced by R.D Liapakis
Mixed by Fredrik Nordström

Released 05/22/2009
Reviewed 05/30/2009


It was said back in 2006 that the king was dead as guitarist Gus G and drummer Denis Ekdahl left the band, kind of weird statement as I think no one has ever thought of Mystic Prophecy of as kings of anything, especially metal. Still they bounced back and released two more records before another trio of member left the band and once again the king was dead or something, but once again the band came back, this time with Fireangel. I think it however is quite weird to state the band as “the king”, king of what? I wonder. And then saying that metal is not dead just because this band still makes records, kind of a weird statement but statements are always what they are and really have to be regarded with a pinch of salt, don’t take ‘em to seriously.

But fear not now as the metal will live on and as the music of the mystic prophets is so important for the genre you can now all sigh from relief as they have just released their new album which will of course be supported by an ad campaign in important printed magazines, good for them. Now I can feel secure that I will still have stuff to write a few years from now, this Greek-German constellation will see to that.

But how does this band of Greemans sound then? Well they do sound a bit metallic, like the power metal in general with strong melodies with sing-along choruses and memorable guitar riffs which is what the genre is all about. Of course crystal clear production and a well painted cover where of course the latter has nothing to do with the sound.

I have never cared much for this band earlier as I have found their records drab, dull, without character or whatever else not so positive wording you like to use. Now then, this album with the name Fireangel, is it like before, or is it something different? Well, yes it actually is different without loosing the soul of the band, it has nice dark lyrics and melodies that suits the music like a well tailored black pin-striped suite. Well, that parable was a bit odd but what the hell to quote B5, we can’t always be fantastic parable writers or something like that and when that happens we move on.

Already from the opening track Across the Gates of Hell I can hear that new winds are blowing from the prophetic side of things, now I can hear some character, a band that has an identity and now I actually really like the song, not only as a background. The following songs are in the same calibre before it then breaks loose in the best track of the album at the song called To the Devil I Pray which is a fantastic and catchy, as well as powerful song. After that comes another two excellent songs among which the title track can be found. After those the record calms down and ends about how it starts. It can almost be parabled as that mythical perfect histogram while photographing with a rather calm starts in the shadows before it peaks in the middle of the midtones and the closes about how it starts in the highlights. Kind of a poor parable but what can I do? You know we cannot always figure out great things to say.

I can however say many great things about this record which is for the first time a record by the mystic prophets that makes sense, that can be owned and plated, unlike their prior records. I find that for the first time I have heard a record by these guys that I actually might consider buying, that I actually like.

Now then, a fire angel who comes with mystic prophecies about devil worshippers who has death under control, that is what you will find if you go on a treasure hunt at your record dealer (if you have one of course) or internet record retailer. Make sure you buy it, you won’t regret it.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Helloween/Freedom Call/Heaven's Gate
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm