Marionette - Enemies

01. The Swine
02. Silver Spoon
03. Stench Of The Herd
04. Anthropomorphism
05. Unman
06. Hatelust
07. The Slaughter
08. The Lie
09. Your Hands
10. Creatures
11. Through Veils
12. Their Knives
13. The Truth

Axel Widén - vocals
Anton Modig - guitar
Aron Parmerud - guitar, backing vocals
Mikael Medin - bass
Jimmy Olausson - drums
Linus Johansson - keyboard

Spit (2008)


Pontus Hjelm (recording and prod.)
Åke Parmerud (recording and prod.)
Fredrik Nordström (mix and master)
Peter In De Betou (mix and master)

Release: 05/10-2009
Reviewed: 05/12-2009


Well some marionettes, marionettes of the more extreme kind that is. Of the extreme side of the metallic music actually. They also consider themselves enemies, enemies of what? Don’t really know but Enemies could mean that they are evil as all my enemies are evil and marionette of evil does ring a bell, doesn’t it? Well maybe not, but for me it makes me think of something by Stephen King even though I have not seen either thought film or read the book so I might be completely off here therefore I’d better leave it at that.

But hey, it is quite hard to know everything and even though I am close to perfect I cannot know it all. I don’t really like or know Stephen King and I don’t know Marionette either and I am equally happy for that, if happy is a state that can be applied on me at this time. Anyways, the record is named Enemies and the band Marionette if anyone could have missed that.

These marionette’s music is of the more extreme kind as already hinted. They have aggressive guitar riffs and a very powerful and aggressive drummer which actually leaves no other choice for the song that sound like a crossover between a suffocated wolf and a German ski jumper from Munich. Great parable, eh? With that said it does not mean that the band are all out aggressive, no some melodies are actually hiding in between the layers of aggressiveness. These melodies are accessible as soon as you start looking deeper and inside the shell.

The production is also rather decent even though I think they should have lifted the melodies from hiding as they are much drowned by the aggressive riffing and drumming, the same actually goes for most of the vocal parts. I actually think this is a bit sad as there are a lot of potential in this melodic side of things and I also wonder why I wear a jacket when writing this as it is starting to become a bit uncomfortable. The fact that I am listening to Elysion while writing this review ought to be another giveaway as to what I think about this record. It feels a bit like how an all grown up Top Gear which only test family cars and never look at Aston Martin or Ferrari would feel, fortunately Top Gear are still not serious and does not care for family cars that much. I wish Marionette could do the same.

There is one thing I am wondering and that is: who is this record for? I cannot see it being for the fans of the so-called pure side of the extreme metal as the melodic parts would scare them away and I can also not see it as being for the fans of the melodic side of the extreme as the more extreme tone would scare those away. So, really, I cannot see much potential buyers for this band and maybe they have only made this record in order to satisfy their own musical dreams which is fine in my book, I don’t have to like it for that.

Well, to round it all off I can state that this is a record that isn’t really that good, it is too extreme but yet it is too melodic which is a combination that don’t bode well for possible record sales, for my liking it is too extreme and I am also not much of a fan of German ski jumpers from Munich, I give this record two points out of seven.


Label - Listenable Records/Triada
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm