Letzte Instanz - Shuldig

1. Mea Culpa
2. Mein Engel
3. Flucht ins Glück
4. Eisherz
5. Traumlos
6. Dein Licht
7. Die Eine
8. Vollmond
9. Feuer
10.Mein Leben
11.Der Garten (feat. Aylin Aslim)

Holly - vox
M.Stolz - violin
Benni Cellini - cello
Oli - guitar, vox
Holly d. - guitar, vox
Micha Ende – bass
Specki T.D. - drums, percussions

Brachialromantik (1998)
Das Spiel (1999)
Kalter Glanz (2001)
Götter Auf Abruf (2003)
Live (2004)
Ins Licht (2006)
Wir Sind Gold (2007)
Das weisse Lied (2007)

Aylin Aslim - vocals

Recorded @ Principal - Senden (GER) Produced by Henning Verlage & Vince Sorg

Released 2/27/2009
Reviewed 8/2/2009


Well, my second review for the year of 2009 is also one in non-English, this time it is in German. This is at least not a problem for me as I often find it refreshing when I get records that are sung in non-English. It was also one of the reasons to why I really enjoyed the record by Cohronatus late last year, because of the songs they had in German, however the similarites with Coronatus ends there as Coronatus have two female singers and Letzte Instanz don’t, Coronatus sings more then half their tracks in English and Letzte Instanz doesn’t, the list can be made longer if you wish.

What is remarkable musically is how the band make use of strings for atmosphere and how melodic they are musically and how well the deeper voice suits the music the band play. The songs are mainly in midtempo probably because it suits the singer best, but the band picks up a little higher tempo but not much and there are also some slower songs. What is rememberable about the music is the melodies and the strings, they focus a lot on atmosphere and melodies which would of course suit this reviewer excellently.

The record is opened with an intro track that isn’t much to say about, it just sets a regular tone for the record before it really opens with the track Mein Engel which I would say is one of the best tracks on this records. Other tracks I really like are Mein Leben and Der Garten of which the latter has female guest vocals which is a very nice touch to this particular song.

I pick the above three songs from an array of very good songs but maybe these three tracks mark themselves out just a little bit more than the rest but really most tracks are very strong and makes this overall a powerful record. As I have already stated is that the German language is not a problem whatsoever it is rather an advantage for this record.

So, for whom is this record directed? I would say the target audience would be the ones who like melodic rock/metal alternatively for the goth audience as the vocal style is slightly close to the gothic way of singing. Anyone who likes strong and atmospheric music will enjoy this record very much even though the lyrics isn’t understandable for everyone, it is also a refreshing fact that the language isn’t English as it makes this record stand out from most other in the genre. Clever move by Letzte Instanz.

Well without any more annoying and absolutely pointless rambling I point out that this record is a good one and you ought to buy it.


Label - Drakkar records
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm