Lahannya - Defiance

1. Prelude
2. Dying Inside
3. Sick And Tired
4. Brave New World
5. Burn
6. Adrenaline
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Interference
9. Piece By Piece
10. Kill Me If You Care
11. No Way Out
12. Our War

Lahannya - songwriting / vocalist
Lutz Demmler - bass
Belle - drums
Chris Milden - guitar

Shotgun Reality (2007)



Release: 10-2009
Reviewed: 14/12-2009


What would you think if you all of a sudden ran into a blue haired female? The reason I ask is not because I have done so but I received a promotional record with a blue haired female on. It was from the nice female called Helena at Rock’n’Roll Promotion who thought we should have it and review it and interview the female, none of us have had time to interview the band but maybe a review will suffice for now.

So what about this female and her music? Well, it is quite interesting music that is described by many as industrial metal, it might be industrial I am not really that good with those things but one thing I do know is that it is female fronted metal with a very nice groove to it. It all starts out with a Prelude and then there is a song called Dying Inside which sets a very nice tone for the rest of the record. The songs following this opening song are some very good songs where the best ones are the said Dying Inside and Kill Me if You Care which are really great tracks and this record at its greatest moments reaches heights of the really best. Of course then there are some parts that doesn’t excite as much of course there no parts that are too bad or really dull.

So, with some great and some really good tracks and some parts that doesn’t excite this is really a good record that will probably be played more than once even now when I have reviewed it. Sure I will have to get over my latest obsession with a song but then again if anyone has potential to break that thing it is Lahannya with her best songs like Dying Inside. I think that wish to be killed is also quite nice of course.

Well, well with water in it, if I look at this years best record the record by Lahannya reaches very close to the top ten records of the year.

So if you care about good music and especially for female fronted metal you just have to look this female or band or whatever up. I like this record, it is well worth wasting some money on.


Label - Kabuki/Rock'n'Roll Promotion
Three similar bands - Echoes of Eternity/Elysion/The Birthday Massacre
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm