Kittie - In the Black

1. Kingdom Come
2. My Plague
3. Cut Throat
4. Die My Darling
5. Sorrow I Know
6. Forgive and Forget
7. Now or Never
8. Falling Down
9. Sleepwalking
10. Whiskey Love Song
11. Ready Aim Riot
12. The Truth

Morgan Lander – Lead vocals, Guitar
Mercedes Lander – Drums
Tara McLeod – Guitar
Ivy Vujic – Bass guitar

1999 Spit
2001 Oracle
2004 Until The End
2007 Funeral For Yesterday


Justin Wolfe

Released 23/10-2009
Reviewed 18/11-2009


As you experienced reader of Hallowed might have noticed I have a thing for female fronted metal. It may have something to do with the fact that I am quite the different guy and female fronted metal is quite different still. However, this is not just female fronted, this entire band is female, all bandmembers are girls which is even better, if it is good that is. I have actually been in contact with Kittie earlier during my time with Hallowed, namely the 2004 release which was called Until the End which I did not like and brought out the Saw. Speaking of Saws by the way, the band had a song called Dark that was featured in the official Saw soundtrack, don’t ask me for which of the films but as there is no number behind I guess they mean the first film when the mention it in the selling points in the promotion info.

Musically the band I did not like in 2004 was a nu-metallic sort of outfit which played dark and heavy, fast and aggressive metal like music with mostly growls and screams which is not a type of music I usually like. The band of 2009 still has an ingredient of that kind of music but one can clearly notice an evolvement of the band in the five years that has passed. This new record is clearly more diverse and features a lot more clean vocals and also instrumentally the band has a wider range in their musical arsenal. Sometimes it is hard to tell that it is really the same band that released that record in 2004 and now releases this record.

Also, the production is very well done as it finds the high points of both the raw and aggressive side of things and the finer details which is a rather difficult trick to do but they pull it of really well. Morgan Lander as the female singers name is, has a good voice both when singing cleanly and when growling which is quite impressive.

I actually think the band have found the right concept with this record, the raw side complements the female side of things. I am very impressed with this change this band has gone through, it is as I already have stated before difficult to hear that it is really the same band which is a good thing really.

To conclude things, this is a record that anyone who really likes good music ought to have in his/her record collection, get it now.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Arch Enemy/Darzamat/
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm