Igneous Human - Pyroclastic Storms

1. Birth
2. You better be dead
3. Quake
4. Redemption
5. Mute
6. Pyroclastic storms
7. Deceived
8. Demonride
9. Hate
10. Tears





Release: 16/11-2009
Reviewed: 1/12-2009


When Igneous Human plays the Korn freeze. No, I didn't spell corn wrong, I meant the band Korn, because they are so disgusted by how Igneous Humans so obvious steals from their characteristic sound. That Igneous Human then have a three times longer and fifty times more difficult band name is "booty" we say little about for now.

The most obvious Korn "influences" can be found in the base, the so typical Korn base that they bend and bang on like a boxer bangs his sand bag is found in every other song on "Pyroclastic Storms". The singing and the music except the base is quite different, much harder for once, but the base is sometimes so similar to what I've heard in Korn that the word "sampled" comes to mind a few times.

Igneous Human have only played together for just over a year and already they have a record deal and an album out, an album I feel divided about. In the red corner, triumphing with a great flow and nice melodies, is a technical masterpiece with a couple of great songs. In the blue corner, challenging with a rented Korn base and a quite tedious sound, is an album that goes nowhere and only annoys its listeners. The overall good vocals is sometimes taking a turn for the worse and only drag the music down to an even more annoying sound. The worst is when the melodies disappears, like in track 6, 8 and 9 - there it sounds really bad!

Taking back the advantage with the first half is the positive, here you found most of the great songs because even if the later half have some good songs too, Birth, Quake and Mute totally kick their ass to the floor for the first count. But the long count really is bad for Igneous Human, I so wish they could shorten their songs by just a little - half of the songs clocks in on 4.30 minutes or more and that's not positive for this kind of music where the songs should be as fast as the music and as compact as the cars they can crush with their sound.

In the final song, the band goes instrumental and plays a song that feels as if it would fit in any huge Hollywood production from later years. It's a beautiful ending to an otherwise very hard and raw album that lacks beautiful contributions. The exception is the many technical curtains the band hang around in their songs. Beautiful in one way, but in another manner than the final song, of course.

"Pyroclastic Storms" is an interesting debut album that hints of great success. I'm not fully knocked out, but I'm down on the floor for a count. If they can shake off the Korn base fir the next album, I'm sure this will be even better! For now, "Pyroclastic Storms" is an interesting album that sounds good and that I can recommend you to listen at.


Label - Tractor Production/Triada
Three similar bands - Korn/Sonic Syndicate/Kalmah
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm