Hellfueled - Emission of Sins

01. Where Angels Die
02. Am I Blind
03. I`m The Crucifix
04. A Remisson Of My Sins
05. Save Me
06. Lost Forever
07. For My Family And Satan
08. In Anger
09. End Of The Road
10. Stone By Stone
11. Moving On (Instrumental)

Andy (V)
Henke (G)
Jocke (G)
Kent (D)

Midnight Lady (EP '04)
Volume One ('04)
Born II Rock ('05)
Memories in Black ('07)

Rikard Löfgren (P)
Henke Walse (Art)

Released 27/11-2009
Reviewed 7/11-2009

black lodge

Ozzy Osbourne releases his fourth album with his new, Swedish band, and for the fourth time he uses the pseudonym Andy instead of Ozzy (but all intelligent people of course see the similarities - four letters and an Y at the end). Honestly I like his Swedish turnover better than the solo stuff he's kept occupied with since parting with Black Sabbath. This time it's more energy and new ideas, not the same Sharon metal la boring as hell with snakes and everything he's used.

'Emisson of Sins' is a heavy metal album in the best 80's spirit, stinking from gasolin, oily hands and milk mustasch. "Andy" and co do their best to sound angry as hell and distressed as if they were stuck with their feet in tar. It's nasal and disturbing deeply into the soul as well as annoying - it feels like someone keeps poking you with their finger over and over again and again and again. Somehow, this doesn't feel like something negative - it feels like it was Hellfueleds plan to be that annoying. They want to poke us listeners until we can't take it any more and just scream along with "Andys" nasal vocals and the shouting guitars playing those long and slow riffs with lots of vibrato that extracts the tones even further. When "Andy" shouts "Diiee" backed by these guitar sounds, all I want to do is join in and scream "Yes, please! DIE!".

Now it sounds really bad when I explain Hellfueled like that, but this album is actually not THAT bad. Hellfueled may very well be an extremely teasing band that wants to plant goblins in our head to bite our ears and and pull our hair, but just like Black Sabbath once did, Hellfueled comes here with a lot of heavy raw power. They play their music like they were Lucifer himself. All the lost souls he wath joins him in the songs and this gives even more heaviness and irritation for the listeners. In short, Hellfueled feels like it's the music of the Devil and to some that might be interprented as something positive, other will see it as, in plain English, hell!

As music, my opinion is that Hellfueled really isn't the most fantastic of music. It's slow, dull and pretty static all the way through. With that, I don't want to disregard Hellfueled as a band. I'm sure they're better live and the material on this album feels suited to play in front of a bloodthirsty audience that to be drained out of some speakers. Me who hardly will see Hellfueled live that many times, I'll have to settle with this album and that is very little for me to hold on to. Some parts in some songs and other parts in other parts, thats pretty much what I like with this album, the thing as a whole pokes me so far that I feel insane after the 40 minutes it lasts. It's not too long or to monotone, it's a varied album and just long enough, but it just frustrate me.

"Andy" frustrates me. The guitars frustrate me. The tempo frustrates me... Pretty much everything frustrates me. It's very much okay, and the hellish mood is impressing, I don't think anyone's been this close to describe hell before as Hellfueled just did. But me, I rather relinquish from it. In fact I wouldn't mind sending it back from where it came from, but I'm pretty anti anti christ, so for Gods sake don't listen to me. All you hell-lovers, Pentagram wearing and long haired guys named Lucifer - eat, devour and inhale because Hellfued can take you one step closer to hell. Itäs the closest to hell you can get on earth, and that's not something I say because it bad as hell.

PS. In case you haven't got it yet - I'm only joking about Ozzy being Andy... or am I? DS.


Label - Black Lodge/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Ozzy/Black Sabbath/Wolf
Rating: HHH
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm