Graveworm - Diabolical Figures

1. Vengeance is sworn
2. Circus of the damned
3. Diabolic Figures
4. Hell's creation
5. Forlorn Hope
6. Architects of hate
7. New disorder
8. Message in a bottle
9. Ignoreance of gods
10. The reckoning

Stefan Fiori - Vocals
Sabine Mair - Keyboard
Martin Innerbichler - Drums
Harry Klenk - Bass
Eric Righi - Guitar
Thomas Orgler - Guitar

1997 When Daylight’s Gone
1999 As the Angels Reach..
2001 Source Of Malice
2003 Engraved In Black
2005 (N)utopia
2007 Collateral Defect

Producer Andy Classen @ Stage One studios in Borgentreich, Germany

Released: 26/6-2009
Reviewed: 26/10-2009


Italian worms crawling around in the graves on some Italian graveyard where some prominent figures are buried. Well maybe it is like that, maybe it is not like that but what usually strikes me when it comes to this band is the good looking logo they have and they also have rather nice covers, not only record covers they also have done covers on some nice songs.

Musically these worms’ singing is spiced up with a lot of dirt, probably from crawling around in the dirt looking for skeletons to eat. The music composing this dirty kind of singing or should I call it growling, maybe grunting screaming or something, is quite the powerful yet very melodic kind. The main spice in this soup called Diabolical Figures is melodies with loads of keyboards.

I have heard this band before with their 2003 release called Engraved in Black and I did not really like what I heard, maybe it was the awful cover of Loosing My Religion created this feeling of dislike. Maybe this record was to be better, I had no real high hopes when starting to play the first song.

Was I positively surprised do you think? Well sort of, I kind of liked this first song and sort of the second as well. However, the song I mostly liked is the cover song, a song firstly performed by The Police, a song called Message in a Bottle. This song works really well for me and for their format and for a while I start to wonder if the Loosing my Religion was that bad really, R.E.M. did however compel them not to have this cover on the record but it was on the promo. So with this song the record raises itself and becomes a decent but not really that amazing record.

In the end however, I was positively struck by this record and I can also clearly state that this is better than much in a very boring musical genre, Graveworm is not really that boring but maybe they should try to have two covers of classical pop songs on their next record, I am quite sure I would rate such a record closer to the top of the scale.

Maybe I just opened a can of worms cause now I think I have to check out the rest of their pop/rock covers. This is a decent record with a very good cover.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Agathodaimon/Disbelief/At the Gates
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm