Grantig - Medizin

1. Medizin
2. Dein Paradies
3. Warum geht es mir so dreckig
4. 11 Minuten
5. Guten Appetit
6. Du bist nicht allein
7. Wie fühlt sich das an
8. Nur für dich
9. 24 Jahre
10. Zwiespalt [Die letzte Stadt]
11. Auf Wiedersehen

Jan Vogelbacher - drums
Alex Negret - bass
Jonathan Schmid - lead guitar, vocals
Jonas Windwehr- guitar

So Muss Es Sein (2008)

Jakob Bernhart (production)

Released 05/01/2009
Reviewed 05/25/2009


Are you looking for great music but cannot find it? Maybe it is like a disease all that poor music that is flowing all around, maybe this is the Medizin for you. Did you notice my little attempt at humour here, well it was poor and boring but what can you do when you lack skull coming to the sense of humour. Now that last part seems all wrong, what does a skull has to do with anything, skill I meant of course (how embarrassing). Now then, is this the medizin you are looking for, well you have to read the rest of the review to see what I think about this medizin.

By accident I stumbled onto a review of this record as I was looking for some information to put on the sideline for this review. He was all positive and said it sounded a bit like Pantera, I can of course not comment on that as it would not be cool for a hardcore metal guy like me to listen to Pantera (maybe it is, I don’t quite know this true metallic rules), well anyways I cannot comment on that because I haven’t heard that much of said band and I cannot really recall how they sounded either. Now there was a bit of name dropping, like bid droppings on the roof of some cars, another attempt at bad humour, the point is that I cannot say that it sounds like said band, nor any other band I can think of right now.

Musically this band covers quite some distance from a bit softer rock all the way to cool and heavy metal. The singing is varied between rough and more fine tuned vocals and the music is going in many directions. By saying the prior I think you can understand that I have a hard time to describe this band’s music in words. Maybe a simplification could be in order, this is rock/metal sung in German.
Even though I cannot quite describe this bands music in words, I like them very much in their punchy musical style. They are rocking quite hard at times, and at other times they stay in the much softer domain of the rock music. Now I find myself loosing the trail here but I like this album quite a bit and perhaps it might be this Medizin everyone is talking about.

The record starts in a good way with the already mentioned title track. It sets a tone for the rest of the record and that is a tone the rest of the songs actually well stand up to. All the songs keep very close to this level which is a very high level of music with a high level of variation but this variation still keeps within such a level that you can still recognise the style of the band. So even though the band has a wide variety in their music they still remain faithful to the style they set up from the first song and all the way through to the track that ends it, cleverly called Auf Wiedersehen (Farewell or something like it).

I feel this review turned out somewhat disoriented and incoherent but the main points is that the songs on this record shows a wide variety with a common denominator and with a span from softer rock to heavier metal all sung in German. That is about what it is and if you ask me for a favourite track I would say the opening title track, the ending and a track called Guten Appetit springs to mind, but really all the tracks are good.

Grantig, meaning grouchy or grumpy in English has made a record that actually might be Medizin for the one looking for quality music but don’t take my confused word for it, visit their myspace to hear some songs and judge for yourself, I am sure you will be pleased.


Label - Drakkar records
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm