Goreaphobia - Mortal Repulsion

1. Ordeal of the abyss
2. Amulet of damnation
3. Negative screams
4. Grave plagued planet
5. Primal Nothingness
6. Faded Into Ends
7. Despised and Ruined
8. Black Ash Eyes
9. A Grievous Curse
10. Ascending into Vices
11. The Inevitable Punishment
12. Mortal Repulsion

Chris Gamble (B & V)
Alex Bouks (G)
Jim Roe (D)

Morbidious Pathology (EP '90)
Omen of Masochism (EP '92)
Vile Beast of Abomination (06)

Released 17/8-2009
Reviewed 25/10-2009


Mortal Repulsion, well, that was the band themselves who said - not me. But I can't do anything but agree. This is mortally repulsion. Actually I feel sick after hearing this, I feel dirty all in to my bones and soul - I think I need to clean both my ears and my soul existence if I ever will feel fine about mtyself after this and I guess a total soul makeover is the only way to recover from what I had to bear from these twelve songs.

First of all I want to menthion this, because this is what stands on top of Goreaphobias myspace: "Black/death metal legends debut full-lenght release". Legends? How could this band be legends of anything? They haven't released a full lenght album, no one has ever heard of them and the biggest mark they've left in this world is two EPs and a tour with Immolation - a band that no civilized, normal person has heard of either. To call themselves legends after what Goreaphobia has achieved in this world, well - that's just so stupid I'll remove a point just for that.

It's passed more than 20 year since the band was formed, alot of those years the band haven't been active can be said in their defence, and this is what they release when they finally put an album out? Could they actually put any less effort in to this? My guess is that most bands can do something like this in a week (including recording, art-work and putting it out to the stores), and many of them would also do it better.

I'm only guessing now, since I don't have propper prmo information, but I guess that this album is self-produced, not mixed at all and made entierly in one of the members basement completely and without any help from guest musicans or other. That's at least how it sounds when you listen to it.

The sound is so bad I can barely hear the music at all - it's like they've stand inside big cans and had their recording device outside these. And it's a garage feeling to it as well, like oily, dirty, unpolished and completely raw. Besides this, the mixing - if any has been done at all - is so bad that the music is completely hollow. I wonder why the band even bother to make any efforts to sound hard and heavy - they can't do any such thing when they don't have any depth in the music. One advice - it is possible to have both a lead and rythm guitarr, even if you are only one guitarrist. Just that single thing would have made them sound at least as hard as any given country musican, now they probably only have a chance to work part time as lullaby musicans. Not even a rabbit can be scared by this - it's just silly (and a bad combination with screams on music that sounds so harmless).

But in the middle of all these complains, I will throw in a compliment as well. I have to say that it's good to hear that the band at least have tried to write some melodies. If they hadn't, this would probably be the worst shit ever, but now at least they have something that can be related to melodies and this gives the songs a fair chance to be recognized and separated from each other. This is something many bands in Goreaphobias genre miss out on and therefore I feel like Goreaphobia deserv something higher than the absolute bottom of our score.

But higher than two points is unthinkable. This is not good music. The vocalist is hard to hear through the music because it sounds like he stands a mile or two behind the instruments shouting through the wall of foggy instrument sounds and just shouting to be heard. And that sounds... first of all it's very annoying and second of all the singing sounds aweful!

I don't have anything good to say about this album, except for the fact that there are at least something of an identity in the songs that makes them sound a little different from the ones surrounding. Otherwise this is completely rubbish and I wouldn't want to hear this album ever again and I don't think anyone else would like to either.

It's not hard, like black/death metal should be. It's not heavy, like black/death metal should be. And it's not good, as all music should be. It's just a mortal repulsion all the way through.


Label - Ibex Moon Records/Gordeon Music
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Reviewer: Caj Källmalm