Gordon Fights - EP Vol. 1

1. Before You Die
2. And she said (dancing madly sideways)
3. No Rope Around Me
4. Time For Tears
5. You Dance Quite Well

Viktor Persson
Rasmus Söderling
Hampus Nordgren
Patrik Engström
Tobias Alpadie


Released 2009
Reviewed 05/16/2009


Gordon Fights, what kind of name is that? Why does Gordon Fight? And what does he fight for? That is all valid questions for me as I look at the quite ugly record cover. And what about the title, I mean EP Vol. 1, what kind of name is that? Couldn’t they really figure out a better title and while they were at it couldn’t they figure out a better band name. The thing is though that these thing doesn’t really matter as it is the music on that strangely named EP that is what matters and how the fighting Gordons fare in that regard are we soon going to know.

What strikes me first when it comes to this volume is that is sounds old, not in regards to production and overall sound, but when it comes to musical style it feels rather dated in some regards. The production however is clean and neat but the band is clearly inspired by hardrock music of the early seventies like Led Zeppelins Communcation Breakdown Era strikes me as a similarity. That means that they have that appropriate distorded chord based guitar sound and the screaming vocals that often follow those bands of that era.

My main gripe with this is just the thing that it feels quite dated even though it is completely new, and that my friends is a problem to me.

Well, this band is not yet signed by any record company so I guess I cannot expect to much from it. But still, with all this music going on around us all the time, bands have to do better and work harder to stand out from the crowd and I am not sure that Gordon Fights are up to the task as this record feel more like recycled materials that other bands thrashed a long time ago. I might be unfair as bands like Iron Maiden sells lots of records by recycling and reusing their old songs, maybe there is a marked for recycled songs after people may not be looking for new and different stuff they might be happy to buy what sounds the same all the time. I am not that way however and I have a hard time not dismissing this every time I listen to it.

Gordon Fights makes decent music but we have all heard it many times before and in all honesty this is not better than the bands that have inspired them. Maybe next time they will have found some own creativity.


Label - Unsigned/Triada
Three similar bands - Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/Humble Pie
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm