The Generals - Stand up Straight

1. Blessing in Disguise
2. The Offer Still Stands
3. Punchline
4. The Illusionist
5. Stand up Straight
6. One Eye Red
7. Portal to Paradise
8. Consulting With the Sinner
9. Split Vision, Snap Decision
10. Trunkride
11. Hell Was Built For Heroes
12. Do It Like the Devil

Hednar - Lead vocals/Bass
Rickard - Lead guitars
Dick - Guitars/Vocals
MetalMartin - Drums/Percussion



Tomas Skogsberg (production)

Release: 7/11-2009
Reviewed: 2/12-2009


Some high ranking military from Sweden has decided to make a record much in the vain of some other Swedes hiding inside a casket Entombed. Was the message clear? I think it was but you, the reader may not see it that way and if that’s the case then understand that it is said that this band sounds like Entombed in some reviews I have read.

They don’t seem to be that heavily promoted as it was rather impossible to find any decent amount of information about this album but one thing I got to know was that this band and said entombed have the same guy producing so I guess these generals will be compared a lot to these entombed guys and it will probably not be all favourable to them, at least not from some people.

I am not one of those people as I don’t really care that much about such things but musically these generals can compare a lot to said Entombed which means that they play some sort of rock’n’roll of the older school mixed up with the brutality of the death metal style which creates and rather catchy kind of death metal, it is usually called death’n’roll by people.

But, is it any good? Well, it is rather good but I wonder and wonder when will it lift and rise above the ordinary and I cannot really find an answer to this question. This record just feels ordinary, it never quite grab me and hold its grip. The songs are good but not great and they all are, just that. The entire record is a just that, nothing to grab onto, nothing to remember it by, the songs are decent, the production is good with its clean yet raw sound and it is all fine, but it is just fine nothing else.

So without further ado I call this record a bit of a bore and nothing to have or listen to that much at least. Though I should point out that the record has received some nice reviews around the web so don’t just take my word for it but it is not really worth buying.


Label - Metalcentral/Triada
Three similar bands - Entombed/The Bronx/
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm