Foobar the Band - Your Fiend, My Friend

1. My friend
2. Catch 22
3. 18 Years
4. Revolution
5. Dawning of a Day
6. All about you
7. Communication
8. Queen of fools
9. Natural
10. All right
11. Moonshine

Anders Carlsson (G)
Dennis Brandeby (G)
Janneck Larsson (B)
Jonny Zasella (V)
Tim Ferm (d)

Hellride (2007)

Janneck Larsson & FtB (production)
Fredrik Larnemo (master)

Released on 04/24/09
Reviewed 04/12/09

reside records
Revolution (video)

Cool guys from Sweden are ready to conquer the word with rock music, with their cool and heavy rock music. This band was formed back in 2005 in the Swedish town of Gothenburg. They released their first album called Hellride back in 2007 and now 2009 they are ready to once again rock the world with this new album with a title I don’t care to write.

Musically this album is a rockin’ album of heavy rock music with lots of power but also some powerful melodies in order to try and create a diverse album. The album also possess what is quite usual when it comes to the modern rock music, a clean rock music. Even though the production is clean it retain quite a bit of power in their music.

Initially I like this album, it has a lot going for it. There are a few nice powerful songs on the record but there are also a few that is boring and dull which really detracts very, very much from something that could have been a very positive overall judgement. Now I feel a bit betrayed, I was coming in with high hopes from a very good opening track only to be let down as I travelled further down the road.

The opening track My Friend is a very good track and really sets a positive spirit for this record but then it all falls flat face down in the extremely poor track called Catch 22 from the the record has to try and salvage what can be salvaged, but it can’t really do it as there are too many of those not to good things on the record and too few really good things to make up for the poor.

The musical image/landscape is truly interesting but the problem is those poor songs that shouldn’t really be there had the band been more mature or more self critical but then again, who has every been a star giving after for his/her own self critique?

In the end I can have some hopes for this band as they surely have the musical side clear to them, they just lack consistency but that is something that comes with time and experience.

I cannot recommend this record as it is just too much about it that is not good. But Foobar the Band has come part way and in the future they might be something to look out for.


Label - Reside Records/Triada
Three similar bands - Danko Jones/Audioslave/Clutch
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm