Freak Kitchen - Land of the Freaks

1. God save the Spleen
2. Hip Hip Hoorah
3. Teargas Jazz
4. Sick (Death by Hypochondria)
5. OK
6. Honey, You're a Nazi
7. The Only Way
8. Murder Groupie
9. The Smell of Time
10. One Last Dance
11. Do Not Disturb
12. Clean it up

Mattias "IA" Eklundh – vocals and Guitar
Christer Örtefors – Bass and vocals
Björn Fryklund – drums

Appetizer (1994)
Spanking Hour (1996)
Freak Kitchen (1998)
Dead Soul Men (2000)
Move (2002)
Organic (2005)

V. Selvaganesh - Kanjeera
Neyveli S Radhakrishna - Double violin


Release: 21/10-2009
Reviewed: 15/12-2009


Well, as a reviewer this is something you always want, a record by a band with a name that doesn’t really give much away considering its style; more than of course the fact that they will be different from what we are used to. And sure enough we are in for a record of that type, that stands absolutely clear already from the opening track God Save the Spleen which is a track that opens the record in an interesting but not really in a good way if you consider setting a tone for the rest of the record, at least not when considering setting a level for the rest of the record.

Musically it is a mixed breed between many types of music, with the roots in progressive rock/metal. It is different from most other music we hear and the guitar lines are advanced and tricky, the production is made to suit this guitar sound which is well-accompanied by the vocals by the guitarist Mattias IA Eklund who knows the freak guitar.

So how about the record? Well, as I already have stated this record is not for the faint hearted, it is a record for those who want something that is not the everyday rock or metal music.

There are some really powerful track, not the opener but a track close to it called Hip Hip Hoorah which is has a nice flow and a good melody, Honey You’re a Nazi is a soccermom song which takes a look at racism and it is a magnificent song. The ending track Clean it up is another hit song of this record and with these songs along with a strong production and amazing guitarlines this record cannot get a poor grade. Sure there are some setbacks, a few songs which I don’t care to name at the moment are a tad boring.

Still even with these boring things, there are too much good stuff on this record to let it drag it down. But surely there are probably many metal guys with a heart of metal who will not like this kind of music as it is unorthodox and has loads of elements that doesn’t appeal to the hardcore metal guy. But I am not one of those, after all I like pop music so why shouldn’t I like this record.

Well, guess I could go on and on about the paradoxes of this record but there is really no need to do so. It is an excellent record but it requires an open minded listener in order to be fully appreciated.


Label - Bonnier/Triada
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm