Echoes of Eternity - As Shadows Burn

1. Ten of Swords
2. A Veiled Horizon
3. Memories of Blood and Gold
4. Descent of a Blackened Soul
5. The Scarlet Embrace
6. Twilight Fires
7. Buried Beneath a Thousand Dreams
8. Letalis Deus
9. Funeral in the Sky

Francine Boucher - Vocals, songwriter
Brandon Patton - Guitars, songwriter
Duane Cowan - Bass
Bryan Eagle - Guitar
Kirk Carrison - Drums

The Forgotten Goddess (2007)

Producer Logan Mader

Released 22/9-2009
Reviewed 13/10-2009


Some echoes from eternity or of eternities is what we are to expect from this. Well that and also burning shadows will be present as this record makes its way into the record player. So what do we do as shadows burn? Maybe the answer is in the words, maybe hidden in the music. Or maybe they are just there as backwards messages in the songs. Or maybe it is nothing.

Well one thing I know, that is that the bands is from the large nation in the west, the one with the cowboys and the large cars. Of course I am talking about the United States of America, also we have some information from second hand sources that says that the bands is playing progressive metal, on that I will have to take their word for. So with the fact of America and a rumour of genre, then we also have the fact that they have a female singer. So that is what we know and that is what we bring with us to the next paragraph.

Musically we have progressive metal, at least if we trust some sources. Female fronted metal is what we can say it is also. But to go deeper than that we look into the music, we notice that the band hold their foundation in the melodic side of the metal, very melodic is what it is, maybe the female vocals has something to do with this feel. Then of course we have the obligatory influences from the classical music. This creates a music of a type that is a bit common and quite up and coming still.

There is a lot to like with this album and this band, the production for starters. The band has a great sound with lots of feel and depth. Then we have the interesting fact that the album is 39 minutes long which definitely will have to be a plus in a time where most albums are well over 50 minutes. And a collection of good songs as well as great melodies is also something positive.

With all this praising you have to be sure this is an album that receives high praises, don’t you? Well it is not always as simple as it might look at first glance and the same goes for this album, though great songs and production as well as the right length I still feel that something is amiss, I am not that drawn into this album. I don’t find it to be as great as the songs might suggest and I think the problem is that there is no song that really stand out from the rest. There is no real hit song, no real standout track to lift the record which makes it difficult to bring along something when the record is done playing. I feel that I have listened to a good album but cannot really say what it is that is good, nor can I name any good songs unless I hear them at the time.

Still this is a good and focused album with great songs, it just lacks that one standout track that can lift the album above the rest of the bands in the genre. I attribute this fact to the relative inexperience of the band and this is after all only the second album of this band. Perhaps they will crack it with the next album and make a killer, a man can always dream.

This album however will not echo through eternity but it will echo for some time at least.

Echoes of Eternity - Voices In A Dream


Label - Massacre Records
Tre liknande band - Coronatus/After Forever/Epica
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm