Endstille - Verführer

1. ...Of Disorder
2. Hate Me...God?
3. Depressive/Abstract/Banished/Despised
4. Ursprung
5. Monotonus/n
6. Symptoms
7. Suffer In Silence
8. Dead
9. Endstille (Verführer)

Iblis: vocals
Mayhemic Destructor: drums
L. Wachtfels: guitars
Cruor: Bass

The cover shows the German emperor Wilhelm II. in his working clothes.

Operation Wintersturm - (2002)
Frühlingserwachen - (2003)
Dominanz - (2004)
Navigator - (2005)
Lauschangriff... - (2006, Split album with Graupel)
Endstilles Reich - (2007)
Verführer - (2009)

Released 04/17/2009
Reviewed 05/11/2009


Bwaah, Gwaaar, Hwaargh, whatever roaring and unhearable word you can think of, that is what I wrote when I reviewed their record back in 2004, Dominanz was the name of that record. My brother did review a record since then and gave it a higher mark but still a very low mark on the scale. I figured when I got this record that the band must have evolved into something better than they were. I have as always given this record enough time to make a fair judgement even though there were a lot of resistance from my mind before I played it the first time.

Musically Endstille is in what I would describe as typical primitive black metal, you know the one with repeating chords of darkness, heavy smattering drums in infernal speeds where it seems like they have no plan but to play as fast as possible. The base lines are fast and furious just like the rest of the record. Pentagram metal, that of course is the same as female metal of course if we are to interpret the symbols these bands show. So primitive black is what it is.

My bad feeling about the ‘music’ of this record was of course right, this album is so poor that I almost had to laugh out loud when I heard it for the first time. Still, the laughter dies fast when you have to listen to nine tracks of pointless monotone ‘music’ with ‘song’ that is so ridiculous that it would be funny if I didn’t have to listen to it.

No, this is terrible, terribly boring and terribly bad, production and sound is poor at best. The empty, scaled down rough and dark, but really I don’t know. It is possible that this is a good representation of the ‘true’ black metal and if that is the case there will probably be some followers of them and they probably do have fans but I cannot really see the point in listening to this instead of anything else in the genre.

When all ends meet and all things get summarised, this record stinks in every sense of the way, now then I am no black metal mobster and we don’t have anyone on board and therefore we have to review this anyway and that might possibly be unfair but really the record is what it is.

In the end there will probably be some people who like this but for us others who like music that has some idea and melody and of course stand for a view of life that is much more sophisticated than most bands in the primitive black metal genre and that my friends is what I have to say about this record.

All things considered and I have really looked, I cannot see anything positive about this record, it is awful, bad, and again very awful record. Don’t buy it, unless you are prepared for what you get.


Label - Regain Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm