Emil Bulls - Phoenix

1. Here Comes The Fire
2. When God Was Sleeping
3. The Architects Of My Apocalypse
4. Ad Infinitum
5. Infecting The Program
6. Nothing In This World
7. Time
8. It`s High Time
9. The Storm Comes In
10. Triumph And Disaster
11. Man Overboard! - The Dark Hour Of Reason
12. Son Of The Morning
13. I Don`t Belong Here

Christoph von Freydorf – vocals
James Richardson – bass
Stephan "Moik" Karl – guitar
Andy Bock - guitar
Fabian "Fab" Fuess – drums

Red Dick's Potatoe Garden (1997)
Monogamy (2000)
Angel Delivery Service (2001)
Porcelain (2003)
The Southern Comfort (2005)
The Life Acoustic (2007)
The Black Path (2008)

Benny Richter (Prod)
Toni Meloni (Engineer)
Klaus Scheuermann (Mix)

Released 09/25/2009
Reviewed 08/12/2009


In contrary to the opening in my brother and colleagues’ review of Emil Bulls last album ‘The Black path’, I will not make any attempts to be funny with Star Trek correlated quotes but concentrate on the music.

The name Emil Bulls can probably be seen in two ways – either that some guy called Emil is talking a lot of bullshit, or that some guy called Emil have tamed lot of bulls that plays the music for him as Emil sings out his emotions through an album. But every Astrid Lindgren (the famous Swedish child-author) related thoughts that might pop up in your head should quickly be shaken away – and with such a hard and headbanger friendly opening track as Here Comes the Fire that aught to be easy. The Germans does definitely not save their gun powder for later battles, but fire all their canons at ones (not Canon cameras, off course, then) with such things as shouts, grunts, growls, screams, yelling, shrieks and such along with an insane tempo that makes the 4.23 minute long hardcoreish opening track seem like a one and a half minute long punk rock song (that is length-wise then).

Luckilly the album does not continue as hard and fast as the first song through out the entire album, because I guess many would get some nuisance from that after a few songs. I see the overwhelming words spin around my head as I listen to the first three songs of this album, words that I sadly can’t use it shows as the album goes on. The album steadily loose quality the longer it goes, with a few exceptions, and it starts already at track four of the 13. I don’t think it is that the 52 minute long album I necceccarilly to long, even though it might gain from loose some weight, as much as that this kind of music just can’t variate it self too much and when you fill a full length album with songs, you always get one or two fillers. Compared to the 5-6 killers on this album, the fillers just takes the album to where it eventually end up.

So what is it that Emil Bulls actually play for us? Except from as shouts, grunts, growls, screams, yelling, shrieks and that stuff? Well, there are some ballads, some insanely fast songs, mostly hard ones, a lot of tempo changes and a mixture between death metal, hardcore and heavy hard rock that just ain’t that bad! For those of you that just had to run out and buy the last album after reading Daniels review have a year of listening behind you by now and this album doesn’t really brake any borders in difference when compared, except from perhaps being a little better. If you haven’t heard this band, my guess is that I only need to say this: Devin Townsend. The music from Emil Bulls is not all too different from that of the Canadian psychopath.

My recommendations are tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and 13. When you’re done with them, you might consider lending the other six songs an ear (just don’t forget to get it back afterwards) and if the first impression is positive, then I guarantee that it will not change. Another recommendation is that when you’ve heard the album a few times, point of interest a little extra to the lovely electronics hiding in the background – they sure are a great subliminal mood booster.

Emil and his bulls play some seriously good bullshit! The gold on this album that the bulls have crapped is worth having a whole bucket of shit just to hear. And with that I mean – this is good!

Video, there was no video available from this record yet, from The Black Path


Label - Drakkar
Three similar bands - The Devin Townsend band/Strapping Young Lad/System of a Down
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm