Devils Whorehouse - Blood & Ashes

1. Oceans Turn To Blood
2. Wicked One
3. Speak The Name Of The Dead
4. The Cult Of Death
5. Werewolf
6. Demons Of The Flesh/Tight White Ropes
7. Shadows Never Change
8. Smell Of The Ancient Ones
9. Face The Master
10. Werewolf Nation
11. Snakes Out The Mouth Of Hell

Valentin Maelstrom - vocals
Morgan Håkansson - bass
Hrafn - drums
Makko - guitar

Revelation Unorthodox (2004)

Släppt 2009-05-11
Recenserad 2009-05-12


Once upon a time when the Hallowed Magazine was in printed form my brother Caj reviewed this band’s latest record before this one. That review was not met with the highest of enthusiasm, well actually there was no enthusiasm at all and the record was granted a zero rating out of ten with the disclaimer that the drums at least raised the impression somewhat but no matter what, the record got a cold reception from us. And here and now we have another record by this Swedish horror punk band, lets see what we think of it then.

Musically they are as I stated, horror punk which simply means that they are a punk rocking band with a horrific angle, that means that their lyrics is about horror stuff. But still it isn’t that easy, sure the band is punky in their opening stance but there are influences of the more metallic side of things and the vocals are not the typical punky side and music is somewhat heavier than the original punk music. Did I mention that they are Swedish, as if that would have anything to do with anything?

Now then, the band’s opening track Oceans Turns to Blood is a track that opens things up in a way that is clearly favourable for this record and sets a tone that I would have been fine with, if the record had followed it. After the opening track and throughout the record I find myself having mixed feelings about the music. I cannot make heads or tales of this record as the music is difficult to get a feel for. This is not because it is complicated but because the tracks are rather dull, neither good nor bad.

Shadows Never Change is the best track of the record, it is an excellent track among a bunch of rather dull tracks, it is too bad that the rest of the music doesn’t stand up to this standard. This said track and the finishing track of the record are the best ones and keeps this track and an approved rating but still below the mid mark of our scale of seven.

Now then, before this review gets as ambivalent as my feel for the track I will leave off here and state that this is a record with a bunch of okay tracks along with two or three good ones. So, to end this I would state that this record brings nothing important to the musical world.


Label - Regain Records
Three similar bands - Misfits/Acid Drinkers/
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm