Disbelief - Protected Hell

1. Hell (Intro)
2. A Place To Hide
3. Hate/Aggression Schedule
4. Nemesis Rising
5. The Return Of Sin
6. Hell Goes On
7. S.O.S. - Sense Of Sight
8. One Nation‘s Son
9. Trauma (Instrumental)
10. The Dark Soundscapes
11. Room 309 (Kraftprinzip)
12. Demon‘s Entry

Karsten Jäger – vocals
Jochen Trunk – bass guitar
Kai Bergerin – drums
Witali Weber – guitar

Disbelief (1997)
Infected (1998)
Worst Enemy (2001)
Shine (2002)
Spreading the Rage (2003)
66Sick (2005)
Platinum Edition (2006)
Navigator (2007)

Michael Mainx (producer)

Released 04/17/2009
Reviewed 06/08/2009


Chapter eight in the history of German band Disbelief, another extreme metal band for me to review. Another band which has received blazing reviews and been met by enthusiasm from every listener or something like that anyway. I should probably not say too much like that as I send these reviews to the contact at the record company, well of course you have to sell records and I shouldn’t put to much value into those things. Some said they had goose bumps from hearing, well I get goose bumps from the voice over on this record, it is a bit scary, I think it is one of the guys in the band that speaks.

Putting aside a dull and rather dumb introduction and going to the music. Disbelief plays heavy rockin’ death metal with heavily distortion on the guitars and blasting drums. Still, they don’t just stay in the simple, their music cannot be described as easy listening, they play music that takes a bit of effort to get into. The vocals are more of growly than the deep abyssal strange brawl as many of the bands I have heard lately, which I have to say is positive.

But then, what about the rest of the record? Is it as refreshing as the vocals when looking at the genre? Well, yes and no. Yeas because it is not braindead and completely pointless and no because it is somewhat pointless, just like watching Sex and the City while writing this review. Anyway, it is not bad but I have something of a problem with it as it feels sort of pointless which means it lacks high notes.

Well, the latter is not completely true as there is one song that is strong, Nemesis Rising which is actually a good song and rises my opinion of this record but it is placed too early to make a lasting impression that raises the opinion of the entire record but it is still a song to remember and one that could be on a Massacre compilation of the best songs from 2009, at least this far, if it is a double CD:

Despite this song the rest of the record is quite dull, or should we say that it lacks character. No matter how we phrase it, besides this one song this record don’t have much to offer, at least not to me. It is not that they are bad at what they do, they make good music and show loads of skill and experience in their music but it just cannot grab my attention, it doesn’t have those important attention grabbing tracks, well it has one but that is not enough.

In the end this eight effort by these German guys is way better than much from the genre that I have been subjected to recently, the problem just is that the genre never had much to offer anyway.

With some disbelief I approve of this record but I will not recommend it.


Label - Massacre Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm