Criminal - White Hell

1. 21st Century Paranoia
2. Crime and Punishment
3. Incubus
4. Black Light
5. The Deluge
6. Strange Ways
7. Mobrule
8. The Infidel
9. Invasion
10. Eyes of Temptation
11. Bastardom
12. Sons of Cain

Anton Reisenegger – vox, guitar
Rodrigo Contreras – lead guitar
Dan Biggin - bass
Zac O’Neil – drums

Victimized (1994)
Dead Soul (1997)
Cancer (2000)
No Gods No Masters (2004)
Sicario (2005)

Released 02/27/09
Reviewed 03/02/09


Well, a gang of crimnals happened to fall down my mailbox. Not really the criminals that fell down the mailbox but rather a record by them. Of course a piece of promotion information followed this record with selling points all that other stuff that is supposed to make me as a reviewer like the album.

Musically the promo sheet speaks of thrash metal in the vein of some other bands, and I am bound to agree when it comes to the musical style. With aggressive and passionate vocals, hard and heavy riffing, blasting drums and whatever else that are classical thrash parts of the music. It is music that is rather typical of the style, nothing extraordinary or otherwise different about this band, they do the style of music they do.

The band is from Chile, I don’t know many bands from that region and even though they have some parts in common with Brazilian bands, they don’t have anything really unique nothing that can point out that the band is from where they are, maybe that is a good thing and maybe not, I don’t know.

Qualitywise I have some problems with this record, it is really not that good and that is not because I don’t like the genre, I have been known to like music of this genre. I have several gripes when it comes to this record, first of all it lacks all and every part of inspiration, which in clear text means that it is boring, dull and boring. I also find this record to be too long with its 50 minutes. Sure 50 minutes might not be that long when it comes to many sides of music but with this genre it is more important to keep inspired and this record just isn’t inspired enough to work all the way. Well it does not work well to begin with anyway.

In all negativity about this record I still have found a good song: The Infidel which proves that this band has something to offer, they are not dull all the time. I find in many parts of this record, that the potential to make a great thrash record is there but there is a difference between having the potential and finding the way to use it, Criminal hasn’t found the way to use it.

Well to pass the end judgement I can only state that this record really shows a waste of potential, a band with skill and potential is making a dull and boring and too long record. I cannot approve this.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Chimaira/Lamb of God/The Dying
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm