Cherry Lips

1. Dead Or Alive! (Are You)
2. Haunted
3. Stop Messin' Around
4. Right Now
5. Mean Hot & Nasty
6. On My Own
7. Back For More
8. Shadow
9. The Race Is On
10. Heartbreaker
11. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
12. Narcissus

Stefy: voice & guitar
Karima: bass
Elisa: lead guitar
Serena: drums


Released 03/20/09
Reviewed 03/17/09


From Italy comes this band of females, Italian females to be more precise. How many times do you hear of female rockers? Well, I see you cannot really figure out many, at least I cannot. This females have some rockin’ energy that they bring out to the people through this record, their debut album a rockin’ piece from Italy.

Musically this band brings back the music of the seventies or eighties with the rockin’ energy they have. The main difference between the music of then and what Cherry Lips are doing is the production that is much cleaner and more modern than the the production was back then. The production still retains just the right amount of roughness to bring out the energy of the music they are making. So they are making high-energy rock’n’roll which can be traced back to the 70s or 80s still with much originality in the songs.

As I stated that even if the music can be traced backwards in time, it is still very original and doesn’t quite sound like much else, especially not of anything that arrives to the scene today. The good things about this music is that it is quite original and brings out good songs as well as it has this air of recognition to it which makes it even easier to take to heart.

Need I say that I like this record or have you already figured that out by reading what I have written this far? Guess you have and guess you were right as well. It is a really good record with powerful and catchy songs throughout. Most songs are really good though there are some that are a bit flat and not quite up to the most of the record.

In their home country Italy this band had quite some success with their video single Mean Hot & Nasty which belongs in the upper half of the quality of this record even though it is not even close to the greatest tracks. The best track on the record is Stop Messin’ Around which is a real heavy rocker with a great chorus and powerful verses. It is also a track where one usually decides to press the back button and listen to it again, and sometimes again, it is a powerful song that raises the bar of the record. Another great, great track is On My Own which is also a strong track with great musical promises. As we speak of the tracks, I cannot forget the cover of the Cyndi Lauper track Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which of course once was a mighty big hit. Of course you remember it, or don’t you? After all hardrockers don’t want to know this kind of music, or do they?

In the end this team of girls makes fantastic music, powerful music, retro music and everything else. There are some great songs, really fantastic songs that makes one believe in great music and great song writing. These Italian babes knows well how to do it and they succeed in their quest. It also makes me glad to know that there isn’t only music about trolls and dragons that comes from Italy.

Retro rock with loads of power and lovely production with some really fantastic tracks makes this a wonderful record with only one weakness really and that is the fact that one wants to plays some of the songs over and over again which makes the album much longer than it really is. But really, do you see that as a problem? I do not.

Power, rock’n’roll and energy, that is what it is all about and these females knows just how to make it great. I love this record and I keep playing it, and I keep repeating some tracks all over, all the time. So, stop messin’ around and start moving your ass to the record store and buy this great record, it is well worth the investment as it a great record.


Label - Swedmetal records
Three similar bands - Warlock/Vixen/Poison
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm