The Burning - Rewakening

1. It Came From The North
2. Cloven Hoof
3. Carnivora
4. Eight Legged Omen
5. Repentance (Burned On The Stake)
6. Father They Call Me The Heretic
7. He Who Whispers In The Back Of Us All
8. Evangelical Cannibal
9. Unspeakable
10. Live The Goat
11. Rewakening
12. My Apostacy

Johnny Haven - Vocals
Rasmus Vinding - Guitar
Thue Moeller - Bass
Toby Hoest - Drums

Recorded and mixed at KohleKeller Studios with German producer Kristian Kohle Bonifer The vocals was recorded by Jacob Bredahl at Smart N' Hard.

Storm The Walls (2007)

Released 02/27/09
Reviewed 03/08/09


South East of Sweden lies this small country with a capital and a bridge and a road and some farms and some other stuff. You know which country I am talking about, don’t you? If you don’t then I think you are not as clever as I would have liked to give you credit for. Anyway for those people who clearly are without a clue, that insignificant nation south east of Sweden is of course Denmark, what did you think I meant? Guess you were wrong then, or were you?

Guess what, from that insignificant nation derives a band called The Burning and they surely do not play what is known as Danish folk music. They are much to bad and cool for that, or are they?

These Danish people, Danish men actually, do play hard and rough extreme metal, in the promo info they are death slash thrash metal and the record was released in the 27th of February. It is thrashy and heavy without compromises but still with rather catchy melodies and choruses. No Swedish twin guitars it is stated in the promo information and I can agree on that, or can I?

The better parts of this albums are really good and catchy and powerful, the less good parts is not as good but there is really not that much to complain about when it comes to this album in general. The Burning sure has a lot of good music to offer the listener, songs like Carnivora and Evangelical Cannibal are glowing pieces of aggressive and powerful music. What if the entire record was as good as this? Well, then it would have been an excellent piece of music, now it is “only” a good piece of music, or is it?

I give this a good rating because of its best parts and its strong powerful melodies that are yet very raw and dark. You can almost feel the anxiety and pain to wake up or reawake in the burning flames of a fire, not that I think that is what this band tries to convey. Musically they offer a nice streamlined metal album with uniform and good music. Though I have a little feeling that this album is a bit too long at its 47 minutes, less than 40 minutes would be the best way to do this but at least it stays beneath the real pain barrier that lies at 50 minutes, or do you think 50 minutes is acceptable?

Amyways, there is really not that much more to add now, I think I have stated what is important when it comes to this powerful and burning Danish band. It is always nice to see our less frequent metal neighbours work out some good pieces of music as that is not very usual. So when passing my judgement over these Danish people I can really not say that much bad about them, they are very good and worth a listen but as I now have written about this album I cannot see myself returning to this album so many more times but maybe when previously mentioned pull too much on my attention I might play it again.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Pantera/Sepultura/Slayer
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm