Bakteria - Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate!

1. Platypus Bestiality
2. Sea Corpse
3. Shit Vomit Enema Orgy
4. Feed Feces to The Foetus
5. Colostomy Hemorrhoids
6. Kill Fuck
7. Crib Death
8. Castrate With A Rusty Skate
9. Sloppy Fifts In A Pus Filled Twat
10. Feed The Starving With The Rich 11. Man’s Vomit
12. Defecate Suffocate Mutilate Masturbate
13. Hospital Fuck-Fest
14. Shit On My Pubes
15. Chromosomes In The Toilet
16. Mutant

Jesus Ruiz - Electric Bass, CD player
Manuel Gonzales - Drums
Pedro Herrera - Synthesizer, Answering Machine
Umberto Torres - Vocals


Released: 13/11-2009
Reviewed: 3/11-2009

nuclear blast

Well, this record has a funny cover, this band also has a funny name. This band is also described as Filth Metal which sounds like just another description of immature extreme metal. This band’s singer Umberto Torres is said to have killed someone from the audience with a handgun during a show in Mexico and the band is forbidden to tour in Germany, Canada and Ecuador which seems to testify to the fact that this band is behaving like they are writing lyrics. I don’t really think that is something to bring up as a point for this band, I would have tried to silence such things down as their label, but who am I to know? The thing is that some bands just trying to be more and more extreme but the problem for them today is that they will still never awaken more hostility from people than Black Sabbath or Kiss not matter what they do, it is another world today and we have seen it all anyway.

Musically this is extreme with sort of a teenage grunting type of vocals. Lyrically it is disgusting and immature themes in order to be as a shocking as they can possibly be. It is not good, that is all I can say really. I have really nothing positive to say about this record, it is terribly stupid and the silly lyrics are neither fun nor shocking, just immature and bad. The singing is awful and musically they really have nothing to bring to the table. This band is plain bad and I really cannot understand why one Earth anyone would like to release this kind of music.

I recommend everyone to stay away from this, making as bad music as this should be a crime. Don’t give money to criminals.


Label - Anstalt Records/Nuclear Blast
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm