Alverg - Elde

1. Alverg
2. Gudsforlatt
3. Livets Skygger
4. En Pike På Seng Av Hvitt Linne
5. Syvfold
6. La Meg Fryse
7. Smerte
8. Svarthammeren
9. Towards The Kingdom Of Alverg

Lóge - Vocals, Guitars
Heolstor - Drums

Demo (2003)

Myrkar - Keys
V. Vermin - Bass

Bård Torstensen (Prod.)

Released 03/27/2009
Reviewed 08/08/2009

soulseller records

Well, the cover art and the logo of this band does not really testify to the more interesting kind of music. It rather looks like the Norweigian kind of dull and dark and angry black metal, you know that brainless kind of music that no sane man would ever voluntarily listen to.

Still the promo sheet spoke about nature, fells, waterfalls and nature in genreal, that in this music you can hear these things, waterfalls and fells, well can you?

Take a look at these, waterfall, fell, is this something you look at and think of dark metal? For me it isn’t, especially not the kind of dark metal that Alverg plays. Maybe if they had more pompous sound and symphonic bits, then maybe. But as it is now I cannot say that this music is in symbiosis with this nature’s beauty.

Now then, do I like it anyway, despite this false marketing? Not really, but then again I don’t hate it either. It is decent music with quite the dull songs though and especially without any stand out hit songs but that is the same for anything in the genre of course.

Still I do wish for some good songs, this is just a mass of similar music that goes on for nine tracks and never picks up pace or falls out into those nice massive and interesting melodies that some bands can have.

Well they do work out rather decently for background music but it is not something you turn on if you do wish to listen to music. So I would say decent for background but useless as music.

In the end however I cannot really completely thrash this record, it is boring but the band is musically okay.


Label - Soulseller Records
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Review: Daniel Källmalm