Acid Drinkers - Verses of Steel

1. Fuel of My Soul
2. In a Black Sail Wrapped
3. Swallow the Needle
4. Ark, The
5. Meltdown of Sanctity
6. We Died Before We Start To Live
7. Red Shining Fur
8. Rust That I Feed, The
9. Silver Meat Machine
10. Boneless
11. Blues Beatdown - (featuring Bartek Debicki)

Tomek "Titus" Pukacki - bass, vocals
Darek "Popcorn" Popowicz - guitar
Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk (R.I.P. 30th November 2008) - guitars & vocals
Maciek "Ślimak" Starosta - drums

Are You a Rebel? (1990)
Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks (1991)
Strip Tease (1992)
Vile Vicious Vision (1993)
Fishdick (1994)
Infernal Connection (1994)
The State of Mind Report (1996)
High Proof Cosmic Milk (1998)
Varran Strikes Back: Alive! (1998)
Amazing Atomic Activity (1999)
Broken Head (2000)
Acidofilia (2002)
Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal (2004)

Bartek Debicki - guitar

Produced by Maciej "Slimak" Starosta, Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk.
Vocal co-producer Przemyslaw "Perla" Wejmann.
Drums & Vocal recorded at "Perlazza" studio Opalenica.
Guitar & bass recorded at "Jet" studio Nowy Dwor.
Mixed & Mastered by Jacek Milaszewski.
Mixed at Chimpstudo London & Tower Studio Wroclaw.

Released 05/08/2009
Reviewed 05/26/2009


Some acid drinkers from Poland, some verses of steel. Well why not pour some acid in a glass and look at what verses these guys have to offer. It appears as this band have been around for quite some time and released quite a few album, in some instances this would indicate a band that makes quality music, in others it indicates that the band is some obscure hateful black metal band that gets to release the one awful record after another, what kind this is will be revealed shortly.

Thrash metal/crossover is how this is described, that would indicate some thrash metal/punk mix which is a rather neat description of what this Polish band stands for. They are punkish thrash metal with punkish style heavier riffing, raspy vocals and simple style rough music with lyrics of humour and alcohol and the same stuff that usually revolves around these kinds of bands.

I am not particularly fond of that kind of music and cannot really say that this record is something that is going to change that opinion or that feeling whatever you like to call it. The music is too simple and has nothing to really grab onto when listening and therefore there is nothing to remember the songs or steel verses from. I find this record a tad dull and nonsaying and boring, boooooooring is what I usually think when I listen to this record, I usually wait for it to end in order to start another record.

There is really no song that I like particularly much on this record, but still the record is not really that bad, just boring with bland songs that really doesn’t bring me anything. Still there is something I remember from this record, that is when the singer is about to say uncomfortable and says uncomfor table with something of that pronunciation it is hard to describe in text. But that is about it, no memorable song or even part of a song just a comical pronunciation due to the lack of language skill.

So in the end, even though the band has a lot of experience and have released loads of record, this is a bland, dull release. I don’t know about the earlier records from this band and I don’t know if this is representative for the band but I have a feeling that it is.
So these acid drinkers with their verses of steel cannot entertain the demanding listener and anyone within his or her right mind would do best to stay away from this as it has nothing to offer.


Label - Mystic Productions/Regain Records
Three similar bands - Megadeth/Devils Whorehouse/Anthrax
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm