Walls of Jericho - Redemption

1. Ember Drive
2. My Last Stand
3. No Saving Me
4. House of the Rising Sun
5. Addicted

Candace Kusculain (V)
Chris Rawson (G)
Mike Hasty (G)
Dusting Shoenhofer (D)
Aaron Ruby (B)

A Day and a Thousand Years (EP) (1999)
The Bound Feed the Gagged (2000)
All Hail the Dead (2004)
With Devils Amongst Us All (2006)

Corey Taylor (V,G)

Produced by Corey Taylor
Recorded at 2X4 STUDIOS in Des Moines, IA (Fall 2007).
Mixed by Jay Baumgardner @ NRG Studios.
Mastered by Ue Nastasi @ Sterling Sound.
Artwork by Martin Blanko.
Group Photo by James Sharrok.
Layout & Design by Chris Hansen.


Walls of Jericho, an obvious Helloween saluter thought I; I was wrong, I have as you may or may not already understood never heard this band before this record and as far as the promo sheet goes it may be quite different from the rest this band has done. For the latest statement I have no proof though.

Musically I have no idea as to how this band sounds, unless it is this record we discuss. On this record the band resorts to acoustics, an acoustic offering that is mainly female fronted, the producer Corey Taylor known for his collaborations with Stone Sour and Slipknot is a guest vocalist on three of the five tracks.

As you now probably understand, this album is not really an album. It is a five track EP that according to producer is in a style he has never produced before. He say he was going a bit crazy, I don’t really trust him on the latter part, that he never has produced anything like this before is probably true though.

How does this stand in quality then you wonder. Well, I say. I say that this holds up quite well, it is good songs though I can question the why of the classical House of the Rising Sun, it feels a tad misplaced among the other tracks that are both better and more fresh. There is hardly anything crazy or revolutionary about this but it sounds good. The tracks are clean-sounding without that over-polished feel, it sounds good and fresh. I guess that as acoustic goes a five tracker is probably just the right choice, it isn’t too long or too short it suits just fine.

Well in the end, not writing that long since it is a short record and not even a full length album, I think this is a rather good record. I don’t quite feel it is really there, it is lacking many things I would like but it sounds good and it is relaxing and I think it works in any place you try to use it, unless you are hosting a rave party, then it wouldn’t work at all.

Good but not really there is my harsh judgement of this record.

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Label - Trustkill
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm