We - Tension & Release

1. Lotus Rising (in the emotional minefields)
2. Free Behind Bars
3. That's Why (you're so fine)
4. For Love For Life
5. Popul Vuh
6. Appreciation
7. Hurdy Gurdy
8. Post Millenium Tension Blues
9. Thorns
10.No End
11.Freaks in the Street


Tension & Release
Hurdy Gurdy
Thats Why (You’re So Fine)
Lightyears Ahead
Dinosauric Futurobic
From the Spaceways
Care for Dominance
Livin the Lore
Violently Coloured Sneakers
In a Field of Moose

Danny Young

Produced by Us & Them


Norwegian band We have a long history, fifteen years to be exact have passed since the band was founded in 1993. The band apparently started a reputation for being a phenomenal live act in the early stages of their career. The band has already released twelve studio albums and this record that is about to receive my judgement will be the thirteenth. So this is a band with a rather long history of albums behind them, sure that isn’t always something good but as I have not heard the band earlier I have an open mind for this record.

Soundwise we are dealing with a hardrock band where melodies are rather important and melodies are in plentiful when this band is around. The sound is clean and clear, production leans towards a melodic side of the harder rock. The choruses are of sing-along character with powerful melodies and typical rock sounds. They are a mix of arena rock and metal, that is the best way I can describe this record.

A record that starts with a song called Lotus Rising (in the emotional minefields) which sets the tone very well with its powerful chorus and nice melodies. Second track Free Behind Bars is another very nice anthem that hold the quality up very well, number four is my favourite track, For Love For Life which is a very nice piece of music. Going through the songs is a pleasure as there is eleven really good tracks on this record, I am both impressed and surprised by what this band has put out here. Surely it is not the best record I have heard but it is well worth a rating that is above the middle or the average, whatever term you prefer to use.

Fortunately I received this record alongside two record that received very poor ratings, this alone made the records from Rodeostar worth something. We has everything that makes a successful record in the rock genre. They have songs with hit potential and they have a record that is a very nice unity of songs, the production is good and the band oozes from experience or something.

Enough already, this record is something to buy if you like a good rock album, otherwise it is also a very good buy but not as good of course.

WE did it!


Written on 12/03/08

Label - Nun music/Rodeostar/Triada
Three similar bands - Marshall Law//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm