Wednesday 13 - Fuck It, We'll Do It Live

1. Intro
2. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
3. I Want You...Dead
4. My Home Sweet Homicide
5. Not Another Teenage Anthem
6. From Here to the Hearse
7. Till Death Do Us Party
8. Skeletons
9. God Is a Lie
10.House by the Cemetery
11.Put Your Death Mask on
12.Happily Ever Cadaver
13.Runnin' Down a Dream
14.Look What the Bats Dragged in
15.Faith in the Devil
18.Bad Things
19.I Love to Say Fuck

Wednesday 13 (V)
Nate Manor (B)
J-Sin Trioxin (G)
Jonny Chops (D)

Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead (2005)
Fang Bang (2006)
Skeletons (2008)
Bloodwork (EP)(2008)


The wednesday man is back with another record, his third release in 2008 which would indicate that he and his band were among the most active last year. This review might be considered somewhat late but circumstances beyond my control have made it difficult for me to have time to write reviews about records. But now I have finally had time to review this live album, though the DVD-movie will have to wait a little while longer as it is hard to find the time needed to view a whole live show movie.

Anyway, this is the first live record by Wedneday and at least according to him it is as authentic as it can be, no overdubbing or tampering in the studio, nothing like that at all, he says proudly that you can hear everything, every mistake the band made during the show. I wonder however, is it really the best way to do things? Well, you will see in a little while as you read further down this review.

Musically you can read here what the band sunds like, it is from my review of Wedensday’s prior album Skeletons. There are some differences however, one is that the band has more energy here and that the sound is more raw, not as polished as on Skeletons. There are of course more songs on this live recording than on the studio recordings as well.

So how does it sound this record? Well, there are many songs and I really didn’t care that much for Skeletons and the same really applies to this one as well and for just about the same reasons. The main issue I have with this album is that it is boring, it just doesn’t lift as much as it should to be considered a good record.

Of course there are good songs with nice tempo and energy but mainly it is just dull and many times it feels like a parody of the band’s studio stuff that are quite parodic already. Songs like Till Death do us Party, Happily Ever Cadaver and Rambo are nice exceptions to this parodic stuff that really lowers my regard fir this record. The powerful and tempo filled tracks I have just mentioned also hides the poor singing voice of Wednesday, it works when the tempo is high but everytime he tries to sing slower or more melodic he fails miserably, he doesn’t sound good on record but here he mostly sounds terrible.

I just cannot understand or see the real point of this record, it is mainly dull and really has nothing to offer, maybe the fans like this but no one who really likes music can like this as it is just too dull.

Well, what else can I say? This record is terribly dull.

I will add some lines about the video part here as well, that is as soon as I find the time to watch a full live shot on video.


Written on 01/19/2009

Label - DM2/Demolition Records
Three similar bands - Alice Cooper/The Vision Bleak/Murderdolls
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm