Voodoo Six - First Hit For Free

1) Faith
2) No Friend of Mine
3) Feed My Soul
4) Walking on Nails
5) Crawl
6) I am the Sun
7) Saints & Sinners
8) One more Day
9) Mistaken
10) Shine On
11) Century
12) Slip Inside

Henry Rundell, vocals
Matt Pearce, guitar
Chris Jones, guitar
Tony Newton, bass
Dave 'Grav' Cavill, drums

Feed My Soul (2006)

Mixed by Mike Fraser

locomotive records

Voodoo guys are giving away the first hit for free, too bad then that this record did not have any hits. Did I mention that they are British? Didn’t think so, not much positive things from Britain, is it? Not in the musical sense anyway, Britons have done much good in other fields but not when it comes to music and Voodoo Six aren’t really the right people to change that. Steve Harris said this was the best debut he had heard in years, not really the most reliable source, is it? Harris of Iron Maiden, the band that always recycle their records over and over, hopefully this band does not do this.

Musically this band plays hard rock, heavy rock or whatever you like to call it. Chord based rock of the basic kind with heavier sound, and lots of emphasis on the choruses. If you have heard bands like UFO, Tesla, Victory, The Rolling Stones and so forth I think you know what I am talking about. Otherwise, if you have not heard any of these quite famous million record-selling bands you can be assured that it is not anything complicated, it is quite simple music, nothing monumentally changing the foundation of music for good or for bad depending on what you are after.

For me, I end up seeing this record as very uninteresting as it cannot keep me interesting for very long. The reason for this is that this record is lacking the foundation to make a record interesting, a hit song, or hit songs, the more the merrier. This record has twelve tracks that are good but they are just that, good, there are no great tracks, nothing standing out over the rest, nothing to tempt your imagination or reward you with joy over a great track. It feels like a grey mass of greyness, of good but nothing interesting at all really.

Not that the record doesn’t sound good, it does. The production is well made and there is just nothing to really complain about, just that the song writing reeks of cowardliness and completely lacks the sense of adventure that great records have.

I have really not much more to say about this record, well Steve Harris likes it which means I can’t. Well, not really that but the record has really nothing to offer for me, and if you have records with any of the bands that I have mentioned as similar or in this review you have no need for it as it sounds just like that.

The final judgement has to be that this record both lacks the sense of creativeness and adventure and it is really nothing to write home about and it certainly doesn’t add anything to the musical world. It is okay though.


Written on 10-26-08

Label - Locomotive/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Tesla/UFO/Victory
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm