Unleashed - Hammer Battalion

1. The Greatest Of All Lies
2. Long Before Winters Call
3. Your Children Will Burn
4. Hammer Battallion
5. This Day Belongs To Me
6. Marching Off To War
7. Entering The Hall Of The Slain
8. Black Horizon
9. Carved In Stone
10. Warriors Of Midgard
11. Midsummer Solstice
12. Home Of The Brave
13. I Want You Dead

Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Johnny: Bass/Vocals
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Anders: Drums

The Utter Dark (démo - 1990)
....Revenge (démo - 1990)
Where No Life Dwells (1991)
Shadows in the Deep (1992)
Across the Open Sea (1993)
Live in Vienna '93 (Live - 1994)
Victory (1995)
Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland (1996)
Warrior (1997)
Hell's Unleashed (2002)
Sworn Allegiance (2004)
Midvinterblot (2006)


Deathmetal, death metal, death metal, will it ever end. Of course not, this style will never die, (blame DEATH, POSSESED, etc). UNLEASHED have never been the most famous death metal band from SWEDEN, partially because they don´t write the typical lyrics about blood, diseases, horror, politicians or other dreadful things. Instead they focus on warriors, Midgard and bravery, so called VIKING metal, not many miles away from AMON AMARTH. However, I have a hard time believing UNLEASHED will break out of its undergourd cirkle (which AMON AMARTH actually have done recently). This band have a darker, more sinister approach, when you here the songs I actully feel the the oppressive darkness, it´s almost like watching a debate between two swedish politicans; the more you here them the darker headspace you get, soon you´re ready to explode and slay people in the name of fucking ODIN himself.

I think this is an excellent record, the songs are carefully written, the lyrics are poetic, the guitarsolos made are made in heaven (Valhalla) and those vocals will eat your soul out. Fuck SABATON and TURISAS: AMON AMARTH and UNLEASHED: are the bands defining battle metal.


Written on 02/11/09

Label - Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands - Amon Amarth/At the Gates/
Reviewer: Robert Ottosson