Totenmond - Thronräuber

1. Luzifer Stampft
2. Achtung Panzer
3. Nihil Novi
4. Dorneschaf
5. Schlachtinfarkt
6. Sonnenstrahl
7. Templum Omnium
8. Rausch Unser
9. Schwarz als Zweek
10. Luzifer Stampft 2

Pazzer (V,G)
Senf (B)
S.p. Senz (D)

Lightbringer (1996)
Väteren Frost (1997)
Fleischwald (1998)
Totenmond Shape Edition (1999)
Reich in Rost (2000)
Auf dem Mond ein Feuer (2001)
Unter Knochen (2004)
TonbergUrtold (2005)

Achim Köhler (prod.)


Excellent selling catalogue, always positive press due to uniqueness and uncompromising attitude, available in digipak CD and black vinyl, legendary status. This is all taken from the promo sheet and these are points that shall sell this album. Legendary status, excellent selling, it must be the Beatles, Elvis, U2, Michael Jackson and Totenmond. These legends of music has really made an impact on the world with millions of records sold worldwide and numerous big tour on sold out stadiums.

So what is it musically we receive from these legends of music? Supermassive and heavy, slow grinding tunes, yelling, grunting vocals performed in German, I think you got the point.

The record actually opens in a way that makes your thoughts wonder away to 2001 the movie by Stanley Kubrick, an amazing movie with interesting musical bits and amazing special effects for the time and doesn’t feel all that dated on that department. Luzifer Stampft is the name of the track that starts this way and it is according to my info the fastest track ever by the band, and it may be true.

One thing you have to ask yourself when reviewing a record is: “is this really a worthy contribution to the world of music?”

Well is it?
I would say that it isn’t, it doesn’t bring out anything new and fresh, yes it may be unique in that not many bands sounds like them, but the album is still just another addition to the bands discography, a repeat of what we have seen, the genre’s answer to Iron Maiden perhaps.

The only thing that really feels like it touches or gets to me is the opening seconds which reminds of the great movie 2001 and then we have the intro riffs of the second song and then nothing more at all.
Not my cup of tea.


Label - Massacre
Three similar bands -
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm