Tears of Magdalena - Myths and Legends

1. Aurora Borealis
2. Cut ‘Em Down
3. Immortal Love
4. The Eastway
5. In The Silence
6. Nightmare
7. Mermaid
8. Your Blood Is My Wine

Magdalena Lee – Vocals, Keyboards, Violin
Vasstago – Vocals
Tomi – Guitars, Bass
Peuge - Drums



Finns from Finland of course, are making their debut in the ever-growing genre of female fronted symphonic metal. Maybe Nighwish is the biggest inspiration though I would say that it would not be too likely as they have more in common with other bands from the genre and none of those hail from Finland. Maybe this bands is a new force to reckon with, we will see when it is released.

Musically we deal with a female fronted band, Magdalena sings soprano with some deep throat singing from the guy called Vasstago who is the driving force behind the band. They confess to the genre called fantasy metal, which is symphonic metal or metal with symphonic undertones. If you know bands like Epica, After Forever, Nighwish, Tristania, Sirenia I think you might know what it is all about. The band falls into that genre and doesn’t fall out of it during this, their debut.

In quality this bands has some skill, there is no denying that, no denying at all. The opening track promises a lot for this record. But then, after this song there is nothing really to rock my boat the quality is lowering the further you get into the record. This is a little sad since I feel that this band has very much potential and I like what I hear but still this record has a way to make me loose interest and therefore I cannot really know this record. I think one of the problems for this record is that it is a bit too long, and that may be the reason for my always loosing the interest.

I do like this a record a bit and I want to like it since it belongs to a genre that I usually very much like. However, there are things about this record that I cannot really deal with, I can’t keep the interest for the entire record as it is too long and just too uninteresting, Tears of Magdalena does not bring anything new to the scene and that is something I see as a problem.

In the end though I cannot help feeling that this is a band that has a very big potential and this debut promises much for the future.


Written on 11/26/08

Label - Scarlet records/SPV/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - After Forever/Epica/Tristania
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm