Sjodogg – Landscapes of Diseace and Decadence

1. A Song of Plague
2. Inglorious Fever of Antonius
3. Mahapaatra
4. Brethren of the Weeping Corpses
5. Sequestra
6. The Asphyxiation
7. Sentinels of the Severed Flesh
8. Sacrosanct
9. Kiss of the Blowfly

Dracunculus (G)
Vulnus (V)
Hprdeolum (D)
Tetrapus (B)

Debut alblum


As usual when Osmose sends us a promo, the content is pure old school extreme metal, simple and predictable as tarmac. Nothing ill-meant with that, some people like to know what they get when they buy something they’ve never heard and personally I feel that Sjodogg is one of the better bands Osmose been handing out lately.

The information says that Sjodogg is technical and it might very well so be, but the mixing is so grainy that it’s hard to be sure. The manic screams are actually quite good and the melodies acceptable and I feel that this actually could be pretty interesting if only the production would had come with a slightly better sound, a tad more musical guiding and a drop of more crystal clearness.

Sjodogg sounds like a pneumatic drill making it’s way through the pavement of the tarmac that the genre represent. The drums hammer on frenetically in three minutes in almost every song, after which they lower the tempo and sounds almost Candlemassy doomisch. But that’s just for a little while. Soon they’re on with the bouncing again and those simple and one dimensional guitar strips again and makes the music as refreshing as taking a bath in soil or something muddy and black. Pick your choice.

Well, in my opinion it’s one of the better bands in this totally worthless little corner of extreme metal – the one where everything’s supposed to sound as cheap and rusty as possible. This band doesn’t use that many blast-beats. One point. They wary their tempo and make half-interesting melodies. Two points. And the screaming/growling doesn’t suck completely. Three points. Otherwise the production sucks! The music makes me laugh because it’s so pathetic and the lyrics are probably, considering the song-titles, so pathetic that I’ll puke if I read them.

This album passes as “something you’ll probably like if you are interested in the genre” but since Osmose only run around in the obscure genre of extreme metal, which have about 100 listeners world-wide, that’s probably something that mean for you to listen to the songs on the linked myspace over there <<<<.

Overall I rank it okay, not great. For the fans of Norweigian extreme metal, but as mentioned: regular Tobias Sammets ought to listen first.

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Label - Osmose
Similar bands – Bathory/Dark Funeral/Vader
Rating: HHH
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm