Silver - Wolf Chasing Wolf

1. Pick Up Your Life
2. Die 59
3. Where Vultures Gather
4. The Resignation Song
5. Drenched In Comfort
6. NorgeKneler
7. TheJudge
8. The White Logic
9. Any Road
11.No Place Left To Go

Tommy Akerholdt - Guitar, Vocals
Oyvind Kaasa - Guitars, Vocals
Freddie Tennessee - Guitars
Peter Larsson - Bass, Vocals
Ivar Nikolaisen - Vocals
Even Opheim - Guitar, vocals
Jonas Thire - Drums

Billboard Blackout (2000)
Riot 1-2-3 (2000)
White Diary (2004)
World Against World (2006)

Arik Zurabian - vocals
Yngve Andersen - vocals
Emil Nikolaisen - guitar
Thomas Larsen - guitar
Åsmund Lande - vocals
Knut Oscar Nymo - vocals
Arne Saether - piano, organ
Marte Hagen - vocals
Jens Petter Bull - guitar
Michael Chauvet - snare drums
Eivind Schau - violin
Sontre Tristan Midttun - noise guitar
Erik Landsem - accordion

Produced by Silver
Recorded by Jorgen Granholt- Henriksen and Silver @ Laidback Studios
Drums recorded @ Lucifer Studios by Rune Torgersen
Mixed and mastered by Pelle Henricsson & Eskil Lövström @ Tonteknik recording, Umeå, Sweden


From Norway, our neighbours in the west are these guys who are playing so called punk rock with loads of surface and loads of attitude. They are another of those Norwegian bands signed to Rodeostar and arrived in the mailbox alongside two other Norweigian bands among which I have reviewed one, The Cumshots to not that much praise. I have this and one more left to write about, and I will take this one today and the other one tomorrow.

Musically, as I said, this band belongs in the so-called punk rock folder alongside bands like Ramones, Motörhead or whatever they are called these bands that play simple music with loads of energy and attitude. I am not saying Silver is without skills and that’s why they play punk but they surely do not bring that much of creativity to the scene although one or two tracks can be considered creative.

When we look into the aspect of quality of what is on the plastic disc. I can surely say that the band has very little to contribute with, creativity is at a very bad shortage here and the only thing trying to keep this record alive is the high energy the band brings to the table in every song. But energy alone is not enough, there has to be some skills connected to it and if it isn’t the record don’t hold up and that is just what happen to Silver in this record.

This band is all about surface and nothing about depth and for me that is a huge problem as I prefer more own elements and more depth alongside creativity for a record. Silver has neither of this, Silver is a really dull band, they know how to play but they don’t really know how to make something that doesn’t only work for very drugged or very drunk audience but knowing the fans of the music Silver play I guess there is no need for deeper lyrics.

But all isn’t really that terrible, the fifth track Drenched in Comfort is a very good track, it is powerful and different, it is a good track no doubt but it is just so alone in this record and it alone cannot carry this record and ultimately this record is bad.

I cannot recommend this record to anyone really but you just might find some amusement from it if you are a punk rocker, otherwise I suggest you leave it where you found it as it will only be a waste of money to buy it and a waste of time to listen to it. The best of the Rodeostar records is still waiting to be reviewed, fortunately one of the records in the envelope was good.


Skriven 12/02/08

Label - Rodeostar/Triada
Three similar bands - Motörhead/The Cumshots/The Shitheads
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm