S-Core - Gust of Rage

1. Greaser One
2. Gust Of Rage
3. Requiem For A Dying Race
4. It takes…
5. Misanthrophie And Mean
6. Me And The World
7. …a whole life…
8. Buried
9. Rising Terror
10.…to become a man
11.In Memoriam
12.Worst Of All

Jean-Christophe Ketterer - Vocals
Thomas Ketterer - Guitar
Bertrand Champrendonde - Guitar
Christian Mouilleron - Bass
Mathieu-Barthelemy Lenhard - Drums

Riot... Process Engaged (2003)

Tamas Palinkas (V)
Andras Voros (V)
Zed (V)

Produced by S-Core & Zoltan Varga
Recorded Mixed & Mastered by Zoltan Varga @ Bakery Studio in Budapest


French, that is what this guys are, French people. Actually men of French descent, meaning they are from the European nation of France. Touring as support for Pro-Pain has caused some attention for this band and now they have released a new album called Gust of Rage. This is what this review will look closer at.

The music of S-Core is hard, heavy, powerful, aggressive and full of rage. In terms of genre babble we can say that the music is a mix of thrash metal, death metal and hardcore, maybe it is what is called metalcore. The title of this record is very right, it has a gust of rage over it, sometimes a lot of rage but mainly it is about the aggressiveness. It is about being against society and norm, to be angry at what is in order to make a change, maybe it is like that but I don’t really know if it is that way.

Qualitywise there is not much to complain about on the sound and aggression in the music, all the basic elements are there and they work perfectly. The record also starts in a great way with the song Greaser One which is a great opener and sets a tone for the rest of the record. There are also powerful parts of songs for the reminder of the record but nothing that as a full can compete with the opener and also the other parts make me loose interest in the songs and it just wakes for brief periods of time and of course that cannot be considered a positive judgement. What the band do well, they do very well, but the rest is well made but rather boring.

I find S-Core being a band in need of something, in need of better ideas, in need of breaking free of genre norm, they need to find an individual note and make use of own ideas instead of making what other already have made and made better.

S-Core is mostly a big box of nothingness that awakes for brief moments before going back to sleep again.


Written on 11-08-2008

Label - Drakkar
Three similar bands - Pro Pain/My Mind's Weapon/The Dying
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm