A long time ago in a sauna far far away, two strange fellows were looking at an odd piece of plastic. “What is that?” one of the fellows asked. The other one looked at it and said, “I don’t know” and then they said nothing.

Metal/rock in the melodic fashion is what we have here, not in the so-called power metal river since the everlasting, magical, emerald double kicks are not present, neither is Luca Turilli or Alex Staropoli and that is just too fortunate since that means that there are not the fancy uninteresting keys of some Italian band present. As you may or may not already have figured out is that this band is not a power metal band, they are more of a melodic metal or rock side I am not that good with genres, the emphasis is on the melodies anyway.

A problem with Finland is that they don’t make any good car which makes it hard to make car analogies with Finnish bands like Reflexion but the X in the name is cool in lack of “cool” cars like Saab or Volvo. This writer is desperate for inspiration at the moment, if you have any please email it to me on the address in one of the info fields.

Musically though, I like this bands music as I like most very melodic music. It finds its way into my liking from the first spin and then it sticks there for the duration of this review period which is about 10-15 run throughs, I can’t say for sure at the moment but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the impression from the first spin hasn’t really change ‘til the last spin I took this record on, it is still very good. Actually I think everything is excellent about this band, musically they are great, production is amazing, instrumentally clinical, the singing is great and the record is perfect in length not too long, that thing is fantastic. This is actually a perfect band but they are still not great.

Why isn’t this band great despite being perfect then? Well I have no real answer to that but my feeling is that they play it too safe all the time, they don’t make these amazing, brilliant songs that jump out of the earplugs or speakers or however you listen, it doesn’t come out to eat you and that is really my only complaint and the only point remover on the grade scale.

Reflexion may have a thousand lakes, but really what does that matter when they can’t really use them for inspiration. When this band starts letting go, they will be brilliant.


Reflexion - Dead to the Past, Blind for Tomorrow

1. Non-stop Glorious Ride
2. Embrace of Wrath
3. Twilight Child
4. Dancing in the Air
5. Dead Without You
6. Weak and Tired
7. Black is the Colour of Your Life
8. The One With no Name
9. Forever got too Long
10. Thousand Nails in My Heart
11. Just one Word (Goodbye)

Juha Kylmänen - Vocals
Juhani Heikka - Guitar
Ilkka Jolma - Guitar
Mikko Uusimaa - Bass
Matti "Raymond" Pohjola - Drums

Smashed to Pieces EP (2004)
Out Of The Dark (2006)

Marco Sneck - Keyboards
Johannes Kastanja - Keyboards
Olli Estola - Percussion
Jaakko Teittinen - Growls

Produced, engineered and mixed by Aksu Hanttu
Recorded at Soundtrack, Tonebox, Grooveland, Wavesound and Perfect Sounds Studios. Mixed at Grooveland Studios. Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck


Label - Mach XX/Out of Line
Three similar bands - Dreamtale/HIM/Sonata Arctica
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm