Quadrivium - Adversus

1. A Sophic Fire
2. Works Of Glory
3. Svartamaal
4. Haust
5. Principal cognizance
6. Nordover
7. Into The Void
8. Is
9. Ettertid

Erlend Antonsen (guitars, keyboards, drums, pretentiousness)
Lars Jensen (vocals)
Svein-Ivar Sarassen (bass)

Origo, ep (2006)

soulseller records

From Norway, a black metal band with the own sound, at least according to the promo information from the record company. A very brief sheet of information I might add. Still it felt very promising when reading about it, a band with their own sound and from Norway in the black metal genre, this might be good. After all that is a genre that usually has nothing whatsoever on the original side. So, with great expectations I look into this record.

Musically this band combines the darker elements of the genre with a very much atmospheric side that balances up the dark deep growling and menacing instrumentations and blastbeating drums. The production hold up well, it is not too produced and also it is not poorly produced but has a very strong sense of afterthought in the production. And I give the promo sheet partly right when it comes to the originality, after all this band is miles ahead of most black metal bands when it comes to originality. So after a first listen it is promising, but do read on to know the whole story.

Well, to pass judgement, the imminent and always interesting thing to do. As I said, this album sets up a lot of promises. Before you have listened you have an interesting cover, a name that squeals of some afterthought and all in all it seems very interesting. Now, if you are observant you may already have noticed my reservations in the text you have read. Musically I find it interesting and initially I am prepared to start plotting four a grade of around four for the interesting atmosphere and melodies. Then time passes and water flows under the bridges and suddenly I am not that enthusiastic anymore (if I ever were), I start feeling bored and also begin to realize that the record is quite dull. The main problem is not the melodies or the atmospheres, it is the lack of greatness. This record has no standout tracks, nothing that grabs you to intend to keep you in. That is my problem and I end up thinking that it is quite good but not really anything to write home about.

It is a little like in aviation, the airplane on the runway, built to withstand incredible heights and stress, but there is one problem. That is the fact that the plane cannot build enough momentum to take off. That is the problem, the record never lives up to its potential; you can say that it never takes off.


Written 08-20-2008

Label - Soulseller Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm