Quizz My Ass

Produced by Stephan Rothe, Rob van DooM, Gerhard Kremer


Well, a computer game suddenly found its way into the mailbox here, quite interesting thing just that. I started by looking at the box a little and could notice that it was written mostly in German on the box which was a bit worrying since my German is not that good and how would it be if I had been forced to play a game of questions that was all in German?

Now fortunately it was in British which made it easy to test and try to answer all the questions. The layout is simple as hell with no fancy graphics or anything exiting like that, just questions in the best style and varying difficulty. It is 6666 questions to be precise and they all seem worked through, the ones I have managed to see anyway.

In the single player mode the gameplay is perfect, you have to have the right answer all the time otherwise the game is over. For every question you answer it will get harder and harder. To make it even more interesting there is the choice of two, three, four or five alternative answers for the question at hand, all you know when you have to select number of alternatives is the category. There are four categories, extreme, alternative, hard and heavy and one of those categories is all you get to know when you are facing the question of how many alternatives you want for your question, the more the merrier coming to the points, more alternatives equals more points but of course more difficult to get the right answer as well. This gameplan is the same for the multi player mode which is not as good there since you may be kicked out at once, but still there is a bit of laughter factor here and the pride to be the best is always important. Did I mention that the game is addictive, you always long and try for a higher score.

In the end, it is a quite fun game that is well researched and contains difficult questions, I myself haven’t been able to reach very high scores but it was quite fun anyway, too bad that I cannot play it on my own computer since the game doesn’t work for Mac. There is one thing I would have liked though and that is a mode where you could play a certain amount of questions without being flushed for every wrong answer, that would have been great for the multi player mode.


Developer - Hypnogoat

Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm