One Man Army & the undead quartet - Grim Tales

1. Black Clouds
2. Misfit with a Machinegun
3. Saint Lucifer
4. Cursed by the Knife
5. A Date with Suicide
6. Death Makes it all go Away
7. Dominator of the Flesh
8. Bonebreaker Propaganda
9. Make Them Die Slowly
10. The Frisco Reaper
11. Bastards of Monstrosity

Johan Lindstrand - The Voice
Mikael Lagerblad - Lead Guitar
Mattias Bolander - Rythm Guitar
Marek Dobrowolski - Drums
Robert Axelsson - Bass

When Hatred Comes to Life (2005)(EP)
21st Century Killing Machine (2006)
Christmas for the Lobotomizer (2006)(EP)
Error in Evolution (2007)

Produced by Jonas Kjellgren

massacre records

Well this is another fantastic album, actually it is the fantastic new and all important album from the one man army that has done some albums before, none have been able to get to me at least. The album is actually stunning according to the marketers of Massacre records. But then again all albums are either amazing or stunning according to the marketers and we all know that once in a while they may hit the jackpot just like the climate preachers can guess right once in a while but all of that happens rarely. But I don’t want to rant about that but it is all annoying to read in every promo sheet I get with the records, well not much to do about that just write what it is all about.

Well, the one manned army and his undead quartet plays thrash metal you know that aggressive kind with growling vocals, lots of growls and grunts and screams. Then there is aggressive guitars heavy drums and baselines and lyrics singing about Lucifer and other stuff, gore and angry things.

For me this genre just doesn’t have much to bring to the table, it is most often boring, dull or whatever you like to say that is about things being boring. These guys from Sweden are no exception from the rule of thrash being dull and pointless, there are exceptions from the rule and at first I actually think these guys were. I was wrong at that point, it has happened once before, that I was wrong about something that is. This time it was proven to me quite quickly that I was in error and time after time I listened to this I got bored and distracted from it and begun to think about the next record I have in pile of reviews waiting. So I feel this is quite dull.

Now that I sit here drawing words about it on the screen I realise that nothing on this record is memorable, there is nothing standing out in one way or another it is more of a pack of nothingness or pointlessness depending on which description you find most fun. I can’t help but thinking that it is well made and well crafted but as usual in the genre it lacks points of interest and it lacks strength to do stand out from the crowds of similar music. The thing is quite strange it is odd that one decides to make such things, I find it being a waste of resources that could have been used on something better, something more important or at least on music that had not been made so many times over and over again.

It is a pain to listen to such all dull music, such music that is neither good nor bad it just is, it is the worst of all music to review I much prefer a horrible record to a mediocre one, I much, much rather would like something good but it seems the companies aren’t always helpful in that. Another thing they are bad at is that they always state that the new record by this unknown but still always acclaimed band is amazing, stunning, phenomenal, incredible or whatever other superlative they like to add, stunning was the description of this band and they are also according to the promo sheet well regarded and have received stunning reviews. All bands have, kind of strange don’t you think?

Well as a final reflection this album just gives me the feeling that I have wasted a lot of time listening to this album, eight hours to be exact.


Written on 10-12-08

Label - Massacre/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Uleashed/Krisium/Hypocrisy
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm