Murk - Unholy Presences

1. Unholy Presences
2. Places that I can't Speak
3. Di Momento del Trapasso
4. Murk
5. In the Kingdom of the Dead
6. Emozioni Lugubri
7. Barter with Dead

Ambash - drums
Andras - bass
Moerke - guitar


no colours

More cliché black metal you would have to search hard to find. The music is predictable and this band brings no news to the genre. Many times I totally forget to listen, as very little in the music keeps my interest alive. The texts are not much to the world either. The thing you get the impression of, is that they're in general about how hard it is to be a teenager and that no one seems to understand you.

I feel shallowness about the whole of it.

Sure, there are some traces of talent, but the composer would perhaps be better at succeeding in some other genre than black metal. It never really feels dark, evil, cold, raw or brutal. The singing annoys me, it's tame and unengaging in it's performance. It is as the vocalist doesn't want or dares to exert himself.

They're only scraping on the surface, it's like trying to shave with a blunt razor blade.

I wouldn't say that they are totally useless, for they aren't. The production is rather good, great sound for a demo. The music is passed, but as once said, it sounds really cliché.


Label - No Colours Records
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Reviewer: Thomas Öberg