Marshall Law - Razorhead

1. The Summoning
2. Razorhead
3. Premonition
4. Headtrap
5. Gods of Deception
6. Night Terror
7. The Chamber
8. Divides
9. Nothing Lasts Forever
10. Devil's Anvil
11. Blood and Pain
12. Another Bullet
13. Bloodlines
14. Hell on Earth
15. Necromancer

Andy Pyke - Vocals
Dave Martin - Guitar
Dave Rothan - Guitar
Tom Dwyer - Bass
Steve Hauxwell - Drums

Marshall Law (1989)
Power Crazy (1991)(EP)
Power Game (1992)
Law In the Raw (1996)(live)
Metal Detector (1997)
Warning From History (1999)


Tekken is my first thought when I see the name, but apparently it is a rather known and experienced band from the British islands that it is all about and not a character from the well-known video game.

Musically this band play heavy rock which is rooted in the traditional type of rock but with some more melodic aspects and also some darker passages. Maybe metal would be an appropriate way to label this if that is so important. What else? Well, it is hard really to describe this completely and that is why we always refer to the band’s myspace-page in our reviews and as usual I think you ought to check it out to get a clearer picture of how it sounds.

One of the most underrated bands UK has to offer has been said by KK Downing according to the information following the promo record. Guess British bands often are said to be great by famous British musicians, however last time I read it it was said by Steve Harris and he was completely wrong, as usual. Now then, how right is Downing? In any rate he is at least way more credible than Harris as he and the band he represent is much more interesting and creative than Harris’.

Well, at first I was not really impressed by what I heard from these guys but I have warmed up to them and found that they are rather likeable. The songs are good throughout the record, the title track works very well and has me caught which hold on for the entire record really. When we arrive at track twelve which is called Another Bullet is the top track and it can be called a hit song, at least I really like this track as it is both interesting and catchy at the same time.

The more I listen the more this record finds its way to my liking, it is powerful with strong composition and production. The song writing is good and strong which reflects on the finished material which is a strong feat of engineering.

I cannot really think of anything more to say about this record more than the fact that you should not mix up this band with the vidoe game character with the same name.


Written on 10-28-08

Label - DR2/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Savatage/Metallica/Judas Priest
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm