Lauren Harris - Calm Before the Storm

1. Steal Your Fire
2. Your Turn
3. Get Over It
4. Like it or Not
5. From the Bottom to the Top
6. Let us Be
7. Hurry Up
8. Come on Over
9. Hit or Miss
10. See Through
11. You Say
12. Natural Thing

Lauren Harris - lead vocals
Richie Faulkner - guitars
Rafael Sosa - keyboards
Randy Gregg - bass
Tom McWilliams - drums, percussion


Produced by Tommy McWilliams

Steve Harris - Bass


A female on the front of the record cover just standing there is usually not the cover of something worthwhile and had I seen this in a record store I would just have passed it not noticing it. Still the label on the promo sheet said this was to be filed under the rock label so it fell on me to write a review.

So what do I think? Well we’ll get to that later, firstly I like to take a moment to describe what I have heard for like 13-14 times already. Musically this is rock on the heavier side, it is very melodic and hit-oriented. It is surely of the simpler kind, the kind that is easy to take in at first listen. Lauren has a quite typical female rock voice and sings in a very typical female way if this says anything about the sound of this album. I am not sure how else to describe it musically but in reference to other material it is hard not to draw parallels to Joan Jett, you know her with I Love Rock’n’Roll, maybe you don’t.

The album starts with a rocker called Steal Your Fire which brings you straight into the album. It is good and powerful enough with a catchy chorus and nice enough melody. Then we move on to the next track and the next, all hit songs with great melodies and all with potential to be radio hits.

My favourite track is Hit Or Miss which has something more than the other but all of the songs are really nice and good. Great hit songs all the way throughout the record and I can’t really find anything to complain about more than the fact that it is all rather mundane. Lauren has a mundane voice, the music is quite mundane and the only thing that really makes this as good as it is, is the catchyness of the songs. Had the songs not been that catchy, the record would not have been any good at all. I think this has every oppurtunity to be a great success when the album is released even though the guest appearance by Steve Harris passes absolutely unnoticed.

If you wonder why the terrible Iron Maiden founder and bass player is appearing as guest on a record not by Iron Maiden for the first time ever, it is because Lauren is his daughter. Thought I shouldn’t mention it but how else would Steve appear as guest and how would Lauren get to play opener for Iron Maiden on their world tour without even having released one album yet. She has also opened for Within Temptation all without having released anything, apparently it makes a different who is your parent, with the right parents you get all chances almost for free. I am not saying Lauren doesn’t deserve some of the attention she has gotten, she does but there are other bands that are way better that doesn’t even get the chance, that is what a good heritage means.

Anyway, no matter the heritage Lauren Harris is way better than what could be expected with that father.


Label - DR2/Demolition
Three similar bands - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts/ Lullacry/Warlock
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm